2018 #DSMMC Day Two Recap: Pandora And More

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The first day of the Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration kicked off with an awesome Pixar party but there was even more fun in store for us on day two! Check out the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two Recap to find out why we were actually excited to get up at the crack of dawn and how we lucked into finding one of Disney’s most sought after souvenirs.

 I was invited to attend the 2018 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at a discounted media rate. All opinions (and my love for all things Disney) are completely my own!

2018 #DSMMC Day Two Recap

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I am NOT a morning person so I don’t get up at the crack of dawn for just anything. However, when Disney is opening Animal Kingdom’s Pandora just for you, you set an alarm. Actually, you set two alarms just in case the first one doesn’t go off! We had already walked through Pandora at night and it was stunning. Now we were going back to ride the attractions. Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey were calling our names!


Even though we’d taken a gazillion pictures the night before, we had to take even more when we arrived that morning. Words can’t even begin to describe Pandora and it truly feels like you’ve entered mystical world!

Pandora floating mountains

Viewing Pandora at the Disney Social Media Mom's Celebration

Waterfall at Pandora in Animal Kingdom

Touring colorful Pandora at the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

Pond at Pandora in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

Giant pod in Pandora

Checking out Pandora's mystical gardens during the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

It's all in the details at Walt Disney World's Pandora

One thing that I’ve always loved about Disney is their attention to detail. Even the lampposts were creatively designed.

Even the lights are look like they're from another world in Pandora

After wandering through Pandora for awhile, we were off to ride Flight Of Passage. This ride regularly has wait times of up to three hours but Disney has plenty of things to keep you entertained while waiting in line. We started by strolling through a bioluminescent forest, then through the lab.

Examining an Avatar at the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

Next it was time to be transformed into avatars so that we could climb aboard our own banshees. Our ride took us soaring through the the forest, dipping, diving and even getting sprayed by a giant whale as it jumped out of the sea. Now THIS is the way to see Pandora!

Flight of Passage takes you on an amazing 3d journey through Pandora
Photo Credit: WDW News
There's nothing quite as thrilling as souring through the clouds on the back of a banshee
Photo Credit: WDW News

Flight Of Passage was definitely worth waking up early for! Saying that it’s my new favorite ride at Disney World would be like picking a favorite child, but it’s definitely at the top of the list!

Next up was the Na’vi River Journey. While Flight Of Passage is more of an adventure, this is a relaxing, family friendly boat ride that takes you through the amazing bioluminescent rain forest.

Na'vi River Journey is a relaxing ride through a beautiful bioluminescent rain forest
Photo Credit: WDW News

You’ll even come across one of the Na’vi Shamen using her music to send positive energy through the forest.

Photo Credit: WDW News

After leaving the Na’vi River Journey, we ran back to Flight Of Passage to get one more ride in before the crowds arrived. As soon as the park opened and the crowds headed straight for Pandora, we took off to meet Mickey and Minnie. I love that since everyone was at Pandora, there was barely any line.

Meeting Minnie and Mickey during the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

Rose Gold Minnie Ears At Epcot

Next we checked out the animals on the Kilimanjaro Safari and took one more spin on Everest before heading to Epcot for a couple hours. This is where we found the most sought after, and elusive, souvenir in Disney World: Rose Gold Minnie Ears! These things are next to impossible to get your hands on because they sell out so quickly. We were shocked to see a full display in the big gift shop (they had literally just been put on display). People have been looking everywhere for these and somehow we’d hit the jackpot! We peeked in the store as we were leaving and in just two hours, they had completely sold out.

We found the elusive Rose Gold Minnie Ears!

Our next stop was Mexico. Epcot is a lot different when you leave the kids behind (sorry Ashling and Keira!) and we couldn’t pass up a couple of yummy Fiesta Margaritas!

Enjoying margaritas in Mexico during the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

Epcot was gearing up for their International Flower And Garden Festival so there were flower displays everywhere we turned…so pretty!

Epcot is completely covered with flowers this time of year!

If you go on the right day, you can even catch a concert! I’m really hoping I can make it to see Rick Springfield next week (once a crush, always a crush!).

Toy Story Land

We could have stayed at Epcot all day but it was time to head to Hollywood Studios for a open house with a member of the Walt Disney Imagineering Team. If you haven’t heard, Toy Story Land is opening on June 30 and it’s a pretty big deal! We got the inside scoop…

We were able to talk to a Disney Imagineer about the opening of Toy Story Land during the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

Toy Story Land is designed to look like Andy’s backyard, where you’ll be surrounded by his larger than life toys, oversized games, building blocks and more. The new Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster will give you panoramic views of the entire yard and since the height requirement is only 38″, even little Toy Story fans can ride.

You’ll also be able to ride Alien Swirling Saucers, complete with “The Claw” and if you get the munchies you can grab a bite at Woody’s Lunch Box. Check out my Toy Story Land post at TravelingMom to get all the details! If you’re going to be at Hollywood Studios before then, you can see the Toy Story Land model at Walt Disney Presents (near the Chinese Theater).

Everybody is pretty excited about the new Toy Story Land, opening June 30th

While we were there, we made more new friends.

Making friends with the characters from Guardians Of The Galaxy

This little guy is seriously cute!

How cute is baby Groot?!

GoGo Squeez Dinner

After taking a spin on Toy Story Mania (where I LET Kristie win), it was off to Pizze Rizzo for a yummy dinner hosted by GoGo Squeez.

GoGo Squeez sponsored a delicious dinner for the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two

Dinner was delish, right down to the Mickey shaped desserts.

Who can resist desserts shaped like Mickey ears?

They even gave away some prizes! Guess who won her own case of GoGo Squeez? They came in the mail after I got home and I had two very happy kids. Don’t tell my girls but I love snacking on these just as much as they do!

Another bonus from the 2018 #DSMMC Day Two? A huge supply of GoGo Squeez

After dinner, we hung out at Hollywood Studios for a while, then called it a night. I had to be up early again for day three of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. It was the General Session and I didn’t want to miss a thing! Check back next week  for the Day Three Recap and find out why Disney had me reaching for the tissues!

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