5 Awesome Reasons For Your Kids To Play With Shopkins

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Are your kids as obsessed with Shopkins as mine are? Mine can't get enough of them and I think it's awesome. Find out why! #MooseHolidays16 #ad

Do your kids love Shopkins as much as mine do?  Find out why I agree with them that Shopkins are the perfect gift for the holidays!

If you have kids, you probably know all about Shopkins.  The people at Moose Toys are geniuses!  They created these tiny characters that look like common, everyday items and kids can’t get enough of them.  Many of these characters resemble food but others come in the form of clothing, school supplies or even health & beauty items.  Are these cute or what?


My girls love their Shopkins!  They’ve been collecting since Season 1 and at last count they had over 500.  It’s not just my girls though.  Boys and girls alike love these little toys and can’t seem to get enough of them.

My mom friends love them too and I’m no exception.  Besides the fact that they’re so adorable, there are some very good reasons why I feel like these make the perfect gift to give my girls for the holidays:

They bring out your child’s creative side

I love how these toys spark creativity and imagination in my girls.  Sometimes I secretly stand behind them and listen to all the stories and games they come up with.  Of course, they clam up as soon as they realize I’m listening but it’s fun while it lasts.

More Play/Less Electronics

Like most kids these days, mine love their electronics.  I don’t mind a little time on the tablet or TV but I certainly don’t want it to be an all day thing.  When my girls play with their Shopkins, sometimes they can play for hours on end.  That’s time that they’re not spending watching other kids open toys on YouTube.  I’m still fascinated by the fact that that’s so popular.

They help kids connect

My oldest daughter is extremely shy.  However, when her Scottish cousins came to visit, they quickly discovered that they all shared a love for Shopkins.  It was great that they immediately had something in common and were able to connect this way.  Who knew Shopkins were so immensely popular in Scotland too?!

They’re portable

Another thing I love about these is you can bring them anywhere.  They’re perfect for keeping the kids entertained in restaurants, on long car rides, on planes or anywhere else kids tend to get antsy.   I always keep a bag of Shopkins in the car, just in case.

They’re small

This is one of the things I love most.  Our old house had a separate playroom for toys so the ridiculous amount of playthings were never a problem.  Our Florida house doesn’t have that extra room and we quickly discovered that toys take up a LOT of space.  The thing I love about Shopkins is that even though we have hundreds of them, they all fit neatly into a relatively small container.  They’re easy to clean up and super easy to store.  If a mom’s best friend could be a toy collection, this would be it!

Now Shopkins are on Season 6 and going strong.  The latest collection is the Shopkins Chef Club and Christmas came a little early for my girls!  Just look at those happy faces…they were in heaven!


It was so much fun to see how excited they got over each new toy!

YouTube video

This season is a little different from the rest (and I think even more fun).  As if the characters alone aren’t cute enough, each one is an ingredient that can be combined with other characters to make a recipe.


To make these recipes, they come with recipe cards.  This one is for Twirly Spaghetti.


Open up the card and you’ll find the ingredients needed to make Spaghetti Bolognese.


In addition to the Shopkins, you can get Chefs Club Shoppies, too.  There’s Jessicake, Peppa-mint, Bubbleisha and Donatina.  Each doll comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins, an apron, a brush, a VIP card and a doll stand.  These were the first Shoppies my girls have owned and they loved them!


You can’t have food without a kitchen, right?  Our Shoppies need a place to cook their delicious recipes and their new Hot Spot Kitchen Playset was perfect.  The kitchen comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins and two recipe books.  All the parts open and close and you can even make the food rotate in the microwave.


There are also additions you can get to create a full kitchen.  There’s the Sparkle Clean Washer that also comes with two Shopkins and two recipe books.  It has a kitchen sink and a dishwasher with a stack-n-slide drawers.  Every kitchen needs a fridge too and this one also comes with two Shopkins and two recipe books.


How adorable are these little ice cubes?  I think they are my new favorites!


As if my girls weren’t excited enough about all their new toys, I thought they were going to lose their mind when I pulled out the next box.  Sometimes as a reward for something good they’ve done, I’ll get a Shopkins two-pack.  They only cost a few dollars and you’d think there were 20 Shopkins inside by the way they react when they get one.  Imagine how they reacted to this:


They now had an ENTIRE box of Season 6 2-packs to split between the two of them.  Between the Shopkins, the Shoppies, the kitchen toys and the 2-packs, I had the happiest girls on the planet!  They couldn’t wait to rip open the packages and start playing with their new toys.


I do have one small bone to pick…

How are they able to line the Shoppie girls shoes up so nicely but leave their own shoes in every random corner of the house?  We’re definitely going to have to work on that!


The day after they hit this Shopkins jackpot, my girls were making Christmas lists, again, and guess what was at the top of the list?  Yup, you guessed right, more Shopkins!  Why am I not surprised…

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  1. Awesome

    Genuine kids doing what they do best

    1. Yes…and they were sooo happy!

  2. Shopkins are also great to teach organization and management.
    Since there are so many, kids can become overwhelmed with trying to keep track of them. Many parents show their kids how to catalogue and manage them. It also creates good bonding moments as kids see their parents involved in something that they love. Those skills are valuable in today’s world where were there are so many options and it is easy to get information overload. Some parents even use Shopkins to help teach and reinforce math concepts, using Shopkins as the props.

    1. You are so right! My kids love to sort them and they are learning organization skills while having fun! I didn’t even think about using them for math. What a great idea!

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