How To Put Together Easy Halloween Costumes For The Family

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Want fun costumes for Halloween but don’t have a lot of time to spend putting them together? These easy Halloween costumes are perfect because not only do they look great, someone else has done all the work for you!

Want fun costumes for Halloween but don't have a lot of time to spend putting them together? These easy Halloween costumes are perfect because not only do they look great, someone else has done all the work for you!

Thanks so much to Oriental Trading for providing us with these costumes to help make our Halloween more festive. As always, all opinions are my own.

It may seem a little early to be talking about Halloween costumes but we’ve already gone to our first Halloween event this year. We spent a day at Disney last week for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and now we’re getting ready for our Halloween On The High Seas Disney Cruise next week. In fact, when we first found out we’d be going on a Halloween cruise, my first order of business was to get some easy Halloween costumes lined up.

I can be pretty crafty but sometimes craftiness takes too much time, something I haven’t had a lot of lately. Since I couldn’t make costumes from scratch, I did the next best thing. I ordered them from Oriental Trading. I already love Oriental Trading for their party goodies and I also ordered from them regularly when I taught Kindergarten. This would be my first time ordering their costumes.

First we had to decide what we were going to be. There was a huge selection to choose from but since we were going on a Disney cruise, I was hoping to go with a family Disney theme. If we could all be from the same movie, even better. My nine year old had other ideas though.

Harry Potter

Ashling is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and had her heart set on being Harry for Halloween. How could I possibly say now? We ordered a robe, tie, wand and of course, Harry Potter glasses. One costume down, three more to go.

Oriental Trading is the place to go for easy Halloween costumes.
Photo Credit: Oriental Trading


My five year old just wanted to be a princess but couldn’t seem to make up her mind. Oriental Trading has just about every princess costume imaginable and every time we scrolled down a page, she changed her mind about 10 times. Finally, with a little persuasion, she chose a pretty Cinderella dress.  Okay, it was my personal favorite and I love that I can still brainwash influence her! We already had Cinderella shoes so costume number two was good to go.

Easy Halloween costumes at Oriental Trading include Disney princess dresses.
Photo credit: Oriental Trading

Flynn Rider

Finally I had to decide on a couples costume. My hubby and I have never dressed up together before so I was pretty excited about it. I wanted to be a Disney princess and her prince but the question was, which ones. I had it narrowed down to Cinderella and Prince Charming or Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Flynn seemed like a perfect fit for Jon…they both have that sarcastic sense of humor, a goatee, and would love to live on an island surrounded by enormous piles of money! Though there isn’t an actual Flynn Rider costume, the Medieval Mercenary costume definitely looked like something Flynn would wear.

Flynn Rider is one of the easy Halloween costumes we made with costumes we found at Oriental Trading
Photo Credit: Oriental Trading


As far as the Rapunzel costume, that was the easiest of all. Oriental Trading had the perfect Rapunzel dress and I ordered the wig to go along with it.

My favorite easy Halloween costume was this Rapunzel dress.
Photo Credit: Oriental Trading

I already had plenty of flowers for my hair, thanks to years of buying hair accessories for the girls. I also needed shoes, and I was able to find an inexpensive pair of ballet slippers that looked like something Rapunzel would wear. Our costumes were perfect and we had a great time!

These easy Halloween costumes gave me one less thing to worry about.

While the wig was pretty, I’d also ordered a long braid so I’d have different options.

You can't be Rapunzel without a braid!

They both had their advantages. The wig was a lot easier to wear (attaching the braid to my long hair was tricky and I had to use giant flowers to hide it my extra hair) but I liked the more natural look of just the braid. Either one works great for this costume though.

The girls loved their costumes and I thought they both looked super cute!

My girls had fun wearing their Halloween costumes

The highlight of Keira’s night was when Cinderella told her that she loved her dress!

Even Cinderella liked my daughter's easy Halloween costume.

I also thought Jon and I made a dashing couple. Maybe he’ll take me to The Snuggly Duckling for some cocktails later.

Flynn and Rapunzel were the perfect easy Halloween costumes for us.

I loved our costumes and can’t wait to wear them again! They were perfect for our Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and will be fun to wear on our Disney cruise too. Be sure to check back for more pictures.

Do you and your family have special plans for Halloween? What do you plan to be?

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