Fashion Dolls: A Fun New Twist With #FailFix

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Fashion dolls and little girls go hand in hand — and now #FailFix has given us a new twist on the traditional doll. Find out how their dolls teach young girls to feel good about themselves AND make them giggle at the same time!

We have been fans of Moose Toys for a long time. It all started with Shopkins back in the day, and over the years they’ve come out with plenty more options to keep my girls entertained and having fun.

Now, we have a new favorite and it may just be the best yet… #FailFix Dolls. I knew my daughter would get super excited about these as soon as she saw them. She loves styling hair and doing makeup, and these dolls offer a fun new twist to the typical fashion dolls we’re used to seeing.

FailFix Dolls in boxes

While most fashion dolls are focused on achieving that “perfect” look, these are more about making the most of the fails — in a way that’s both funny and relatable.

One of the things I love most about #FailFix dolls is that they celebrate diversity with a variety of ethnicities and body shapes. It’s so important to me that my daughters see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Each of the five dolls are special in their own unique way and this is a lighthearted and fun way of letting girls know that you are beautiful just the way you are, fails and all!

Girl holding FailFix dolls

We’re not the only ones who love these fashion dolls! They were named one of the winners of the 2020 National Parent Product Awards. The Toy Association even chose them as a finalist for Toy Of The Year in the Doll category.

Toy of the year awards finalist button

Keira couldn’t wait to put her makeover skills to the test! The backstory is that the #FailFix Squad has been trying all the trendiest beauty tutorials. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. (I mean, we’ve all been there right?) Now they need our help… it’s up to us to turn around their beauty fails!

Each doll comes with her own set of hair accessories, jewelry, and shoes to help turn her fail into a fix. We have two of the five from the collection.

@PreppiPosh is the studious, straight A+ student…

@PreppiPosh with accessories

while @DanceStylz is the hip girl with all the coolest dance moves.

@DanceStylz with accessories

However they both desperately needed Keira’s help!

In order to see the transformation from start to finish, Keira took a few “before” shots. @PreppiPosh was definitely having a bad hair day and you can tell by the look on her face, she wasn’t happy about it.

Preppi Posh FailFix Doll before picture

@DanceStylz isn’t having much luck either. She needs to dance right into Keira’s makeover salon.

DanceStylz FailFix Doll before picture

Keira loves styling hair, doing makeup, and dabbling in fashion but she’s also got a very silly side. These dolls are perfect for her because they incorporate lots of fun and humor into the fixes.

The first thing she did was to take off their robes to reveal their outfits. Then, she put on their magic spa masks. She brushed their hair out as they underwent their big transformations. I offered to help because it looked like fun, but she insisted on doing it all herself.

Little girl brushing dolls hair

Once their hair was brushed, it was time to style her dolls. Each one comes with her own brush and hair accessories. @PreppiPosh has an oversized blue butterfly clip that matches her outfit.

Putting butterfly clip in FailFix doll's hair

@DanceStylz has a ponytail holder with decorative pink and purple beads. She’s got to keep her pretty hair up so she can practice all her fancy dance moves. Speaking of fancy dance moves, she needed her dancing shoes too.

Putting shoes on @DanceStylz #FailFix Doll

Once both dolls had their shoes on, it was time for the big reveal! We couldn’t wait to see the transformation!

Taking mask off @DanceStylz

Keira could not have been happier with @DanceStylz and her new look! From the sparkly eyeshadow to the 98 under her right eye (another rare feature!), she thought the makeover was amazing.

DanceStylz FailFix doll up close

Next it was time to check out @PreppiPosh’s new look.

After shot of @PreppiPosh

@PreppiPosh turned out every bit as cute. We’d been wondering how the transformation worked, and won’t give anything away, but it was REALLY cool! Keira loved seeing the doll’s new looks come to life once the masks came off.

The best part is that these face masks can be applied over and over again. That means the dolls can be endlessly transformed from Fail to Fix!

Finally she added the jewelry. @DanceStylzs comes with a purple necklace and white earrings.

Adding earrings to @DanceStylz

@PreppiPosh has pink earrings…

Putting earrings on @PreppyPosh doll

and matching glasses.

@PreppyPosh with pink glasses

Keira had a blast making over her #FailFix dolls and played with them all afternoon.

Little girls with dolls

Shhh…don’t tell her, but I’m planning to surprise her with the remaining dolls for Christmas. It’s a perfect gift for girls this age, and you can’t go wrong with toys that reinforce the message that nobody is perfect and fails are a part of being human. The important part is that we stay true to ourselves and embrace the fails along with our successes!

#Failfix dolls

After all, there will be plenty of fails, but in the end, most of the fun is in fixing them!

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