17 Of The Best Father’s Day Subscription Boxes

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Father’s Day subscription boxes may just be the best Father’s Day gift idea yet! Cratejoy has a huge variety of subscription boxes for dad, whether he’s into cocktails or cars or just wants to be master of the grill. There’s something for everyone and whichever you choose, dad is going to love it!

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Everybody has been talking about Cratejoy subscription boxes lately. It had me curious and I finally had the chance to check them out for myself. Now I’m totally obsessed! One reason why these subscription boxes are so much fun because it’s like having your birthday come every month. If I’m still getting gifts from you in May when my birthday is in September, you are totally at the top of my best friend list!

Father’s Day Subscription Boxes

The great thing about these subscription boxes is that it makes Father’s Day shopping so easy! There are a ton of Father’s Day gift ideas to choose from and no matter what dad is into, you’ll find something that he’s going to love! Whether it’s cars or cigars, they’ve got a box for him! (You’ll also need a card and dad will LOVE this cute Father’s Day questionnaire!)

What is Cratejoy

Cratejoy subscription box

Cratejoy subscription boxes are themed gift boxes filled with a variety of fun items. Themes include beauty, books, food, art & culture kids and even pets. These might make awesome gifts for others but it’s a fun way to treat yourself too. I’ve totally got The Beach Box at the top of my own wish list! 

How does Cratejoy work

When you visit the Cratejoy site, you can browse the main page, shop by holiday or go straight to the theme you’re looking for. Each subscription box is unique and while most boxes are delivered once a month, some give you the option of getting a new box every quarter instead. You can also cancel at any time, which makes it easy to try something new.

How much does Cratejoy cost

Because all the boxes are different, the prices will vary depending on which one you select. Some, like the Little Learners Busy Box start at $13.00 a month while you’ll spend more on the ones with higher end items. I like that the prices are listed on the main page so that I can tell right away if something is in my price range.

Now that we’ve got the basics, let’s check out some of my favorites from Cratejoy!

The Grillmasters Club

Grill Masters subscription box

My hubby LOVES grilling out so I put this Cratejoy box at the top of the list! The Grillmasters Club box includes four brand new BBQ products every month, from rubs, spices and sauces to wood chips and grilling accessories. 

It also includes a new recipe each month which is what I’m most excited about (it gets me out of cooking!). There’s even a private Facebook group filled with recipes, guides and even videos.

Hot Sauce Of The Month

Hot Sauce Of The Month

The Hot Sauce Of The Month box goes hand in hand with the Grillmasters box, don’t you think? The experts at Heat Hot Sauce Shop choose the best sauces and members can specify if they want mild, hot or extra hot. I also like the fact that this one lets you choose from monthly or quarterly subscriptions.

The Hopheads Beer Club

Hopheads Beer Club

If you have a beer lover in the house, you’ll definitely want to check out The Hopheads Beer Club! Every month, Cratejoy will deliver 12 bottles of International and U.S. beers right to your doorstep. Curated from over 10,000 breweries since 1994, these award winning choices also include three hoppy beers, including IPAs, IPLs and even Red Ales.

Your beer lover will also get a newsletter each month with suggested food pairings (wait, doesn’t beer go with everything?), tasting notes and even brewing histories.

Vintage Beer Shirt Club

Vintage Beer Shirt subscription

Here’s another great gift for those beer loving guys…the Vintage Beer Shirt club! Each month the club delivers a new shirt from a Great American Brewery. The cool part is that it could be from either post or pre-prohibition days. Of course, you’ll get the history behind it too. If you want to match, they have women’s shirts too!

Pub Shirt Box


Pub Shirt Box

This is one that I know my hubby will love! As an O’Driscoll, he’s very proud of his Irish heritage AND he loves a good Irish pub. The Pub Shirt Club combines the best of both worlds! Every month he’ll get a limited edition custom designed t-shirt representing pubs all across Ireland. If I get this for my husband, you’ll never see him in a regular t-shirt again!

Saloon Box

Saloon Box cockails

Is he more into cocktails than beer? If so, he’ll love the Saloon Box. Is it wrong to buy this for my hubby because I want it for myself? 

The Saloon Box will help your hubby become an expert mixologist. It comes with 10-15 items in each box, including alcohol, syrup, bitters, dried fruit, seltzer and more. It’s everything you need to make unique craft cocktails! Each kit comes with the supplies for at least four cocktails and you can even add high quality bar ware too. I’m all in! 

The Stick In A Box Club

Stick in a box subscription

I don’t know what it is about guys and beef jerky. I won’t touch the stuff but my husband loves it so he’d love the Stick In A Box subscription! If you want to introduce your hubby to gourmet beef jerky (yes, it’s a real thing), this box has featured over 400 hard to find flavors and brands of beef jerky. This isn’t the jerky you find at the convenience store…it’s a jerky lovers dream!

Hikewize Subscription Box

Hikewize subscription box

If your guy is outdoorsy, the Hikewize Subscription Box might be right up his alley! It’s got all the gear he needs for the perfect day hike. With four boxes a year, it comes with high quality hiking gear any hiker will love. The typical box is valued at $150-$200 and comes with 5-7 full size products, trail tips, advice for hiking national parks and more.

The Culture Carton

Culture Carton

If your hubby is more of the cultured type, the Culture Carton might be perfect for him! There’s a curated theme each month devoted to self-improvement, confidence, sophistication and knowledge. Each Culture Carton comes with 3-5 lifestyle items which can include gourmet food, grooming products, leather goods and lots more. It also comes with a book each month, alternating between modern and classic fiction. 

The Personal Barber Subscription

Personal Barber subscription box

Is dad really into new shaving supplies? The Personal Barber Subscription comes with soap/cream, 10 replacement blades, and 2 full size grooming products that vary each time. Your man will get soothing post-shave balms, protective pre-shave oils, manly scented colognes and more.

Freestone Fly Fishing Box

Fly Fishing Subscription Box

If dad is a “River Runs Through It” kind of guy, he’ll love this Freestone Fly Fishing Box. With a curated package of 12-24 premium flies, fishing items, stickers, a fly guide and a yearlong membership to Trout Unlimited, it’s a box any fly fisher will love! 

The Rad Dad Box

Rad Dad subscription box

The Rad Dad Box is the perfect subscription box for brand new dads…it’s basically a “starter kit”.  These fun, useful products will welcome him into fatherhood! Boxes include dad-themed books, snacks, grooming products, activities and more. Choose from Rad Dad box with 3-4 items per box or upgrade to the Deluxe Rad Dad Box and get 5-8 items per box.

Finders Seekers Mysteries

Finders Seekers Mysteries
Finders Seekers Mysteries

If dad is a family game night type of guy, he’ll love Finders Seekers Mysteries! It’s one of the most highly rated subscription boxes that Cratejoy offers. Every month he’ll get a new do-it-yourself escape room game that’s loads of fun for the whole family. Each month you’ll explore a new city and culture, while trying to figure out the clues and solve the mystery. 


GloveBox subscription box

Car loving dads everywhere will love this GloveBox subscription! Each month he’ll get a curated box of premium detailing products, towels, and accessories from top car care brands. It’s the perfect gift for guys that are totally into their cars.

Bacon Freak Subscription Box

Bacon Freak Subscription Box

Who doesn’t love bacon, right? With the Bacon Freak subscription box, your man will get gourmet bacon delivered to the front door every month. In addition to the “Bacon is Meat Candy” shirt, he’ll get 2-3 different packs of artisan bacon or sausage every month, for 3, 6 or even 12 months. Bacon is hand rubbed with various spices and flavors, including cajun, honey BBQ, apple pie and jalapeno. It’s a great gift for bacon lovers (especially since the family gets to enjoy it too!). 

Surf Shop Box

Surf Shop Beach Gear

If your man is always at the beach, or just wants to be, he’s going to love the Surf Shop box! Every 3 months, pro stylists will curate a box of premium surf apparel & accessories tailored to his style preferences. He’ll get 2-3 top brand and high-quality surf apparel and accessories that are hand picked just for him and worth over $100 in retail value.

Spiffster Tie Club

Spiffster subscription box

I’m not sure where the tradition of getting dad a tie for Father’s Day came from but this is a fun new twist. When you gift dad the Spiffster Tie Club subscription box, he’ll get beautifully handcrafted neckties and bow ties made from high quality materials like silk, microfibers, cotton and wool. He can even choose the category that works best for him, from bold to business. This is definitely not your ordinary Father’s Day gift!

Which of these Father’s Day gifts do you think dad will love most? Now that you have all these great choices, the hardest part may be narrowing it down to just one!

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