Cute Heart Shaped Valentine Box

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This easy valentine box is fun to make and perfect for collecting all those valentines at school. Plus, nothing says Valentine’s Day like a heart shaped valentine box, right?

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Heart Shaped Valentine Box

I love getting invited to make holiday crafts on Suncoast View because it gives me an good excuse to go a little overboard on my crafting! This year I’m going to town on cute valentine boxes and I’ve made everything from a Harry Potter valentine box to a silly SpongeBob valentine box!

Sponge Box valentines box

Sometimes I pick up something at Michael’s without even knowing what I’m going to do with it. That’s what happened when I saw this sparkly red craft foam. I knew I could make a fun Valentine’s Day craft…I just needed a little inspiration.

When I started working on some of my other creations, it hit me. Why not make a cute heart shaped valentine box? I grabbed the foam and started cutting, making it up as I went!

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Heart Shaped Valentine Box

Want to follow along? Here’s what you’ll need:


(1) 9×12″ Red sparkly craft foam

(1 each) Regular craft foam: white, blue, black, pink, red*

White construction paper (enough to cover your box…mine took one 12×18″ sheet)

Cereal or snack box

*I actually used red construction paper for the tongue because I liked the way it laid flat. You can use foam or paper, whatever you happen to have on hand.



Exacto knife 

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

Since my piece of “sparkle foam” was 8 1/2″ x 11, I wanted to use a box that was on the smaller side. This graham cracker box was the perfect size.

This sparkly red foam is perfect for a heart shaped Valentine box

You’ll want to start by covering the box in white construction paper.

Cover your Valentine box with white paper

Next, cut a hole in the top to slip the Valentines inside.

Make a hole so kids can drop their Valentines in the heart shaped Valentine box

You can cut out the shapes on your own, or you can print out this template and use the pieces for tracing. If you really want to make this an easy project, let your child color the pieces on the template and use them instead of foam. Just click on the template images to print them out.

Cut the red foam into a heart shape. You can use the template for this too but if you do it freehand, you can make the heart a little bigger.

Cut the foam into a heart
You can draw the shapes for this heart shaped Valentine box freehand or use this template

Next, cut out the shapes for the features.You can use the template and trace the shapes. I’ve also found that it’s easy to trace glassware to make the circles. I used a shot glass for the small circles…now that I’m a busy mom, that’s the only action my shot glasses see anymore!

Cut out all the pieces for the heart shaped Valentine box

Cut out the shapes.

Put the eyes together and glue to the face. Add eyelashes.

Glue the eyes together, then add them to the heart shaped Valentine box

Glue the pieces of the mouth together and add to the foam sheet.

Next, give your heart shaped Valentine box a mouth
Finish off your heart shaped Valentine box with some pretty heart stickers.

Finally glue the foam to the white box. I felt like it was missing a little something so I added some pretty red hearts to the box.

I love the way this adorable Valentine box turned out…so cute!

This heart shaped Valentine box is not only fun to make, it's easy for kids to do on their own.

This was so much fun to make (and an easy valentine box for when you don’t have a lot of time).  

Do you enjoy making valentine boxes with the kids? What fun boxes have you created?

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  1. Claudia lewis says:

    So creative!!!

    1. Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to make!

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