25+ Of The Best Ever Kitchen Organization Ideas

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Having issues with kitchen organization? It’s not as hard as you think! From kitchen cabinet organizers, hideaway outlets and pull out spice racks, these ideas make kitchen organization fun!

This post contains affiliate links

I don’t know about you but I think kitchen organization is so much fun! There are so many great ideas. Some things you have to build in (preferably during a kitchen remodel), like hidden spice cabinets or pull out cutting boards. Others are easy. You just buy them and set them up.

Kitchen Organization Ideas

Some of these are things I’ve had in the past or have now. Some I just really, really want! I love all of these awesome kitchen organization ideas and if I could have them all in my kitchen, I totally would! From kitchen cabinet organizers to hidden electrical outlets, these are my favorite ideas for organizing the kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

These first ideas are things you’d have to have installed, so if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, that’s the perfect time to do it. If you’re handy around the house (or have a handy hubby), you should be able to do many of these yourself, as long as you have the space in your kitchen.

Slide out pantry

I love how this pull out pantry lets you see everything at once. I makes it so much easier to find what you need.

Pull out utensil organizer

This pull out utensil organizer makes it so easy to organize those spatulas and oversized spoons. Plus, there’s room on bottom for bigger objects like mixing bowls or even small appliances.

Pull out spice rack

I had one of these pull out spice racks put in when we remodeled the kitchen in our hold house. It was awesome and is one of the things I miss most about my old kitchen. My new kitchen is bigger and better but I still miss that spice rack!!!

Pull out drawers

One thing that we do have in our new house that we didn’t have before are Pull Out Cabinet Shelves. They make life SO easy. I no longer have to pull out the bowls and pans in front to get to things in back. I may not have my spice rack but this kinda makes up for it!

Hidden outlet

We have such a beautiful backsplash but the outlets definitely detract from it. I’d love to have hidden outlets like this in my counters!  

Pull out cutting board

How cool would it be to have a hidden cutting board? I seriously want one of these.

Hidden sponge holder

I used to have a secret sponge holder in my old kitchen too. It was kind of nice to have someplace to stash those sponges out of sight.

Slide out pan holders

If I didn’t have slide out pan holders, I’d totally put these in my kitchen. I love how convenient it makes it to get to your pots and pans.  

Pantry door organizer


I wouldn’t want the inside of my pantry to be organized quite like this (no room for those big cereal boxes) but the pantry door organizers are pretty cool! It’s a great way to store spices and condiments.

Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas

This are the easier kitchen organization ideas. There’s no installation needed. Just place them where you need them and you’re good to go.

Refrigerator storage rack

This refrigerator side storage rack attaches to the top of your refrigerator for extra storage.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Pot and Pan organizer

This pot and pan rack makes it so easy to keep those pans organized. Plus, you don’t have to unstack them every time you want to use the bottom pan.

Over the door organizer

I really like organizers that just fit over the cabinet doors and an over the door cutting board organizer makes it easy to store all those odd shaped cutting boards and muffin tins.

Organizing racks

These organizing racks are another great way to store cutting boards, cookie sheets and more.

Corner shelf organizer

If you have a corner cabinet, this corner cabinet shelf would fit perfectly.

Lazy susan

This lazy susan makes it easier to find just the spice you need. 

Kitchen Pantry Organizers

Can holder
Food Storage Containers

I have one of these stackable can racks in my pantry and love it! Not only does it keep me organized but it just looks nicer than a bunch of random cans sitting on the shelf.

These food storage containers are next on my list for organizing my pantry. I love the neat look of them and just feel like they’ll give my pantry a nice, organized look.

Tiered spice rack

Since I no longer have my pull out spice drawer, I had to find another way to organize my spices. This tiered spice rack fits perfectly in my pantry and makes it easy to find the spices I need.

Spice grippers

If you love storing things inside your cabinet doors, these spice grippers are perfect. Plus, they make it easy to find just the spice you’re looking for.

Kitchen wrap organizer

We store our wraps in a drawer but this kitchen wrap organizer makes it easy to carve out a spot in the pantry.

Grocery Bag Dispenser

We used to store all those plastic grocery bags inside another grocery bag and it just looked messy. Then we bought this wall mount grocery bag dispenser and it looks so much neater (plus it’s easier too!) We keep ours in the pantry but you can set it up wherever it’s convenient.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Most of my drawers are organized but I have one that’s just full of random serving spoons, spatulas and other kitchen utensils. I think these bamboo drawer organizers are just what I need.

Expandable kitchen drawer organizer

If you like drawer organizers that are already put together for you, you’ll want to check out this expandable kitchen utensils drawer organizer.

Mesh kitchen drawer organizers

I use these mesh compartments to organize drawers in my own kitchen (and bathroom drawers too). I love that they come in different shapes and sizes so I can set up the drawers however I want.

Under The Kitchen Sink Organizers

Under the sink storage

Storing my cleaning supplies under the sink is always an issue because of the pipes and dishwasher cord. This under the sink storage shelf fits around all the stuff that’s in the way.

Mesh cabinet basket

I not only have these mesh cabinet baskets in my kitchen, I’ve got them under the sinks in my bathrooms too. They’re perfect for giving you an extra level of storage, plus you know how I feel about anything that slides out!

Hanging under the sink organizer

This hanging under the sink organizer is another great way to store things out of the way but still keep them easily accessible.


I think I need every single one of these kitchen organization tool! Which of these can you not live without?

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These are some great ideas for organizing the cabinets in the kitchen.

Love all of these ideas!! Pinning for my dream home size we can’t squeeze anymore space out of our current kitchen 🙂

Hi Lisa, Love the pantry and the pull out spice drawer. All of the makeovers are great! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Janet

Love ALL of these ideas seriously! I really love to cook, but sometimes I get frustrated with the time it takes to find stuff and pull items out. I really could use a lot more organization. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas.

SO obsessed with that pull out utensil drawer! What a great way to free up some counter space!

I love, love, love the hidden outlet idea. We are redoing our kitchen next year and I’m hoping to convince my husband to do this for me. I think it’s a brilliant idea! I also share it on my Pinterest board.

These are all great ideas, now if I just had the space in our kitchen to implement a few. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us at The Wednesday Showcase Party!

Wow! These are ingenious! Thanks so much for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week 🙂

Thanks for sharing so many great kitchen ideas. We’re hoping to remodel soon, and several of these would be really nice. We’ll see what we can fit into the budget.

Wow, that hidden outlet is awesome, I will definitely be looking to add that when we downsize and move into a new home. Our kitchen remodel was over 10 years ago and I still love the efficiency of it. #WeekendWindDownParty

Love the pull out utensil drawer and the hidden sponge drawer. Kitchen envy here for sure!

I want almost all of these, but especially the broom closet, drawers in the pantry and drawers for kitchen utensils. But of course I need a much bigger kitchen first! lol

I am absolutely obsessed with the “Hidden Broom Closet”. I am currently trying to set up a floor plan for my (hopefully) new tiny home down the road and this is going to be a must have. I loved several of the other ideas as well. Great storage for small spaces. Thank you so much for the article!!!

One of the best decisions I made when remodeling 9 years ago was to include two narrow (9-inch wide) cabinets with dividers for vertical storage of trays, baking sheets, wire racks, cutting boards, etc.

Hi, Lisa! I love it all! There’s one I would add. I saw it on Facebook I think. It’s a pull-out step stool that functions like the sliding pull-out can organizer. I’m 5′ so I need it to reach upper cabinets.

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