Baby’s First Easter Footprints (Free Printable)

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Making Baby’s First Easter Footprints couldn’t be much easier than this! Just print the free bunny template and grab some non-toxic ink or paint for the cutest Easter keepsake ever!

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Baby's First Easter Footprints printables with Easter eggs

With Easter on the way, new parents will be looking for fun and creative ways to celebrate their baby’s first Easter. One cute way to make it memorable is to make bunny footprints with your baby’s feet! This adorable keepsake is perfect for parents who want to save a special memory of their baby’s first Easter.

I’ve made it super easy for you with this free printable bunny template. I mean, as a new parent, you don’t have much spare time so the easier the better, right?

Templates for baby Easter bunny footprints

Why we love this activity

Easy – As a new parent, you most likely don’t have time for a craft that’s super involved. This one is super easy and takes just minutes to make.

Inexpensive – There’s no need to buy a bunch of different supplies or even different color paints. All you really need is a baby friendly ink pad or paint.

Classic keepsake – Some of my favorite keepsakes are those that my girls made from handprints or footprints (I think every parent on earth has a handprint turkey). It’s so fun to look back and remember when those cute hands and feet were so tiny.

Baby foot with adult hand

What You’ll Need

How To Make Baby’s First Easter Footprints

Step 1: Print the template for a boy bunny or a girl bunny. Lay the paper on a flat surface. (See more versions of the template below)

Step 2: Carefully roll the bottom of your baby’s foot across the ink pad (or cover it with paint). Be sure the entire bottom of the foot is covered.

Step 3: Gently press your baby’s foot onto the template, transferring the paint onto the paper. It may help to have another adult present…one to hold the baby and one to do the “painting”.

Step 4: Repeat with the second foot and let paper dry. Use baby wipes to clean both feet.

Now you’ve got the perfect keepsake for your baby’s first Easter. If you want cuteness overload, take a picture of your baby in this adorable bunny costume. Then you can frame the picture and the bunny footprints and display them side by side.

These don’t have to be just for baby’s first Easter though. After making these printables, someone asked if I could make a template for toddlers and young children (this would make a cute pre-school activity).

So, I got to work and made two more versions. The first is similar to the one above but says Happy Easter instead.

You can also print a blank version with just the bunny faces.

Note: If your child’s feet are too big to fit directly under the bunny, just tilt them a little to each side.

Not only is this activity fun and easy to do, but it’s also the perfect way to involve your baby in the Easter festivities!

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