Snack Drawer Ideas For Back To School Fun

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This time of year can get a little crazy! Luckily a well-stocked snack drawer makes life easy for both busy moms AND hungry kids! Learn how you can make your own snack drawer for back to school, then enter to win some awesome prizes too.

Snacks for snack drawer

School is almost back in session and there’s a lot to do, especially when it comes to back-to-school shopping! The kids are going to need new clothes, school supplies, backpacks and lots more.

One thing I never want to forget is the snacks. Whether I’m sending them in for a classroom snack, adding them to a lunchbox or making sure the kids have something for after school, they’re at the top of our list. However, with everything else there is to do, I need easy options that I know my girls will love.

A variety of snacks in snack packs

The first thing I hear when my girls get home from school is how hungry they are. Luckily, I’ve solved the afternoon slump with a cool snack drawer that I’ve filled with all our favorite snacks. Whether they want a sweet treat or crunchy snacks, I’ve got them covered. In fact, I’ve got the whole family covered!

So before I can make the snack drawer, we need the snacks to put in it…

Best After School Snacks

Check out some of our favorite snack drawer ideas:

  • RITZ Bits With Cheese – Take two buttery RITZ crackers and add cheese in the middle and you’ve got the perfect salty sweet combination. Did I mention they’re bite size too? Everybody knows bite size foods are the most fun!
  • RITZ Bits with Peanut Butter – These bite size RITZ Bits are for all the peanut butter lovers! Switch out the cheese for peanut butter and you’ve got a whole new flavor combination.
  • OREO Cookies – Is there any better combination than a delicious OREO Cookie dipped in milk? It’s the perfect way to satisfy both your hunger AND your sweet tooth.
  • CHIPS AHOY! – These are my hubby’s favorite and I can’t really blame him. Loaded with real chocolate chips in every bite, you just can’t go wrong with these sweet treats!
  • RITZ Crackers – The rich, buttery taste of these crackers make them delicious on their own. They taste even better with your favorite topping. I’ve added everything from a simple slice of cheddar to steak with blue cheese and balsamic glaze.
  • NutterButter Bites – Made with real peanut butter, these cookies are another yummy snack for peanut butter lovers everywhere.

Mondelez Multipacks

Since we’re doing our back to school shopping at Walmart anyway, it’s the perfect time to stock up. They carry all our favorite snacks in convenient, pre-portioned Multipacks, so we have no shortage of great choices. Plus, we can win cool prizes just for visiting the website (more on that in a minute).

The first thing I grabbed was the RITZ Bits 20 Count Multipack. I’ll admit that it was partly for selfish reasons…they’re one of MY favorite snacks. Sometimes it pays off to be the one that does all the shopping!

Ritz Bits Crackers in stacks

I can never decide which flavor I like best, RITZ Bits With Cheese or the RITZ Bits With Peanut Butter. Luckily, this Multipack of 20 contains both so I don’t have to make the hard choices. The fact that each snack bag equals one serving size makes it an easy way to control portion size too.

Cookies and crackers for after school snacks

I also picked up the OREO, CHIPS AHOY! and RITZ Crackers 30 Count Multipack. The tasty cookies are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and and the crackers are perfect for when you’re looking for something a little more salty.

Crackers and cookies stacked

Finally, because you can never have too many snacks, I added the Mini OREO, Mini CHIPS AHOY!, RITZ Bits With Cheese and NutterButter Bites 20 Count Multipack. Now my girls have plenty of great choices when they’re on the hunt for the perfect after school snack.


The best part is that not only can we fill our snack drawer, we can win some cool prizes too. Go online to register to win instant weekly prizes. Now you can get all the best snacks AND the chance to win some fun stuff! But, there is no purchase necessary to enter!

Spinner for choosing after school snacks

That inspired me to create our own “Instant Win” game! Since our snack drawer was filled with so many choices, it would also be a fun way to help my girls decide which snack to choose. Now they can use this cute spinner as a way to “win” a snack!

Pencil and paper clip for spinner game

Feel free to print the spinner for your own family to use. I found the plastic arrows online but you can also use a pencil and paper clip. Just put the point of pencil over a paper clip and spin to see where the clip lands.

Making Your Snack Drawer

Setting up your snack drawer is easy. You can use anything from a desk drawer, fridge drawers or even a snack bin in the pantry. It really just depends on how much space you have.

Snack drawer filled with snacks

I picked a kitchen drawer to give everyone easy access. It was a great option for us because now my girls could get their own snacks instead of having to ask me to do it.

Once you’ve picked a spot, divide it into snack sections. You can even add a clear bin or two to organize it better.

Spinner game to snack prizes

Now add the spinner to the drawer and when snack time comes along, spin to win something yummy!

Spinning the game spinner to win an after school snack

Keira insisted on being first and couldn’t wait to spin! After that, Ashling and I spun for our own snacks. We were all very happy with our “prizes”!

Whether it’s for lunchboxes or after school snacks, these treats couldn’t be more perfect for back to school!

Woman with spinner game and snacks

Which of these snack drawer ideas would you choose first?

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