How To Make Disney Cruise Door Magnets

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There’s a lot to do when you’re planning a Disney cruise vacation! You’ll need pirate costumes, fish extenders and most important, Disney cruise door magnets! You definitely don’t want to be the only door without them and you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to make your own.

Disney Cruise Door Magnets

This post contains affiliate links to help you find everything you need to make your own Disney cruise door magnets

When you’re packing for a cruise, you know to bring bathing suits, flip flops, sunscreen and the rest (print out my Disney cruise packing list for the rest of my must-haves). However, if you’re going on a Disney cruise, you’ll also want Disney cruise door magnets.

A Disney cruise vacation is unlike any other and there are experiences that you won’t get on other cruise ships. You may want to bring Disney fish extenders so you can trade small gifts with your fellow passengers  (scroll to the end for more fish extender ideas). You’ll also need an autograph book for the character meetings and you’ll definitely want to bring along some pirate gear for Pirate Night.

Dressed up for pirate night

What Are Disney Cruise Door Magnets

The Disney cruise tradition that I love most though has to be the Disney cruise door decorations. Cruise door magnets are just what they sound like…Disney magnets you stick to your cabin door to personalize it and make it your own. (If you just don’t have time to make your own, you can find some pretty awesome Disney cruise door magnets on Etsy).

I’ve seen everything from little circles magnets to magnets that take up the entire door. It’s up to you what kind you want to make. Mine fall in the middle (and I think they’re the perfect size!)

How To Make Disney Cruise Door Magnets

On my first Disney Cruise, I didn’t know anything about stateroom door magnets. However, when I took a Disney Dream vacation with my family, I was ready. I’d made cabin door magnets for my entire family by printing them on my computer, laminating them and adding sticky magnets to the back.

Stateroom door magnets

I loved how cute these cabin door decorations looked but when I was getting ready for my third Disney cruise, I wanted to take it up a notch. Instead of printing our cruise door magnets on paper and attaching magnets to the back, I decided to give printable magnet sheets a try.

Printable magnets for cruise door

These worked like a charm. Because they were so thin, I didn’t even have to change my printer settings.

Disney Cruise Door Magnet Templates

If you’re making your own stateroom door magnets, the first thing you’ll need are templates. My favorite site for this is PicMonkey but I know others like to use Canva as well. While there’s a monthly fee for PicMonkey, you can start a free trial and make your Disney cruise door magnets before it expires.

Minnie Disney cruise door magnet template

I found some Minnie Mouse shapes at Wonders Of Disney. They used to have a lot more to choose from but sadly many of them are no longer available. Their Minnie Mouse images were perfect for the cruise door magnets I wanted but if you’re looking for a different character, a quick Google search should do the trick. I downloaded this Minnie Mouse template and got right to work.

How To Personalize Your Cruise Door Magnets

If you’re making a template from scratch, go to and select “design” (look for the four icons at the top of the page)

Design your stateroom door magnet using PicMonkey.

In the left hand column, find basic edits at the top (three horizontal lines with dots). Next select crop, then scale photo and choose 2550 x 3300 if you want a vertical layout or 3300 x 2550 if you want to create it horizonally.

Crop your Disney cruise door magnet template

Next, add your image. You’ll do this by selecting overlay, the icon that looks like a butterfly.  Select “add your own” at the top of the column to get a drop-down menu. Finally, click on “my computer” to find the image you plan to use.

Upload images you want to use as cruise door decoration.

When you’ve got your template, you can start adding the details. You’ll probably want to add your names. To do that, click on the Tt at the left and select “add text”. If you’ve got a Disney font uploaded to your computer already, you can use it by selecting “yours”.

You can use any Disney characters as inspiration for your cabin door magnets.

Once you’ve created the perfect Disney cruise door magnet, it’s time to print. Because magnet paper isn’t cheap, I printed mine on plain paper first. When I loved how it looked, I put my magnet paper in the printer and out came this super cute Disney cruise magnet.

Personalized Disney cabin door magnet

Since my friend Kristie was cruising with me, I made another cabin door magnet for her. I was having so much fun, I kept going. I found this porthole template on DepositPhoto and personalized it with PicMonkey.

Disney Cruise magnet template

It turned out even better than I expected and it may just be my favorite magnet! This was for a Disney event but you can add your family name, cruise dates or anything else you want. Just upload the template to PicMonkey like you did last time. The possibilities are endless!

If you want your words to curve around the top like these, just add your text normally, choose effect from the pop-up text box and select curve. Then you have the option to choose from an arc, which I did, or have your words form a circle.

How to make a cabin door magnet

When I printed my cruise door magnet, I noticed that the Minnie magnet didn’t fill the page. I didn’t want to waste the sheet so I found more images and added them in.  A Google search will give you all the images you could possible need!

Minnie Mouse cruise door magnet

Once you print your magnet sheets, just cut them out and you’re good to go!

Finished cabin door magnets

These cruise door decorations turned out so cute! Now I need to take another Disney cruise vacation so I can create more!

How To Pack Your Disney Cabin Door Magnets

You won’t want to just throw your magnets in the suitcase and pile clothes on top. If they get bent, they may not stick to the door as well. I put all my magnets in a large envelope with a piece of cardboard. When we were ready to decorate our cabin door, they were in perfect condition.

Decorations for cruise door

I had so much fun making these that I think I need to take another Disney cruise vacation so I can make more! Are you planning a Disney cruise? What kind of Disney cruise door magnets do you plan to make?

Want to know more about Disney Fish Extenders? My Disney loving friends have all kinds of great ideas:

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  1. I love these! Thank you for sharing these cute Disney door magnets!

    1. I’m so glad you like them! They’re a lot of fun to make 🙂

  2. We just got back from Disney and we will definitely make some magnets to commemorate our visit,thank you for the awesome idea!

    1. You’re so welcome! Please feel free to share when you make them!

  3. Great tips. As an FYI, many functions are unavailable in picmonkey if using the trial version. Fir example, you can’t use your own fonts.

    1. That’s too bad! I appreciate you letting me know though! I hope your magnets still turned out great 🙂

  4. Buddy Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you know the size of each component for the porthole design. Hands, feet, pants etc to fit in the top portion of the door.

    1. Hi Buddy,
      These magnets just go right on the door and don’t have hands, feet etc 🙂

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