Easy School Lunch Ideas For Kids

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Looking for easy school lunch ideas for kids? These lunches not only taste delicious but they’re simple to make and budget-friendly too, making them a win for moms everywhere!

Easy school lunch ideas for kids

It’s that time of year! The first day of school is just around the corner and it’s time for back to school shopping. My girls have so much fun going through the stores to find everything on their class lists…it’s like a scavenger hunt to them.

Even more than that, they love choosing new backpacks and lunchboxes. Of course, they’re just thinking about which lunchboxes look the coolest though, not what actually goes in them. That’s my job!

A mom making school lunches

I like packing their lunches because then I know what they’re actually eating. I don’t have a ton of extra time though, so I’m all about the easy school lunch ideas! If it’s easy, budget-friendly and tastes great too, it wins the lunch version of the triple crown!

Easy School Lunch Ideas For Kids

This is where Publix totally has our back. Their Back to School promotion, running from 7/31-8/13, features savings on everything from personal care, home products and of course, food.

You’ll see all the special offers when you pick up the 7/31 Extra Savings flyer at the store entrance or go to Publix.com. If you don’t see it there, just ask for one at the customer service desk. There are also shelf signs throughout the store highlighting where you can save during the promotion. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up…which is exactly what we did!

Food on sale during the Publix Back to School promotion

My girls were excited to help pick out some of their favorites and now I have school lunch covered for a while. The bonus is that I have a little extra money in my pocket too. Check out the deals I found:

  • $8.99 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats 40–64-ct. your choice
  • 2 for $5 King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread or Mini Sub Rolls 12–13.5-oz your choice
  • $5.79 Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar Rice & Corn Puffs 6–12-pk. your choice
  • 2 for $7 Quaker Chewy Bars Value Pack your choice
  • $1 off with manufacturer’s digital coupon on Land O’Frost Premium Sliced Meat 16-oz
  • $6.99 Kentucky Legend Smoked Bacon 16-oz your choice

This was all I needed to put together three lunches that I knew my girls would love.

BLT Bites

Everything tastes better with bacon, so these BLT bites were at the top of the list. I even made some fun toothpick banners just so my girls would know that I was thinking about them! You can print your own set of toothpick banners here. Just hot glue them to a toothpick and you’re good to go.

Start by cooking up a couple of slices of Kentucky Legend Smoked Bacon, then cut into bite-size pieces. (I may or may not have made an extra slice to snack on…I’ll never tell).

BLT bites for a school lunch

Place two bacon squares on a toothpick, followed by lettuce and a cherry tomato. Add blue cheese for dipping, fruit and a Rice Krispies Treat for dessert.

Bento box filled with lunch foods

Tortilla Rollups

Tortilla rollups also make an easy lunch idea. I used Land O’Frost Turkey, swiss cheese and mayo but you can switch up the meats and cheeses however you like.

Ingredients for turkey and cheese rollups

Just lay your tortilla flat, spread mayo across it and add a layer of turkey and cheese.

Tortilla roll filled with turkey and cheese for an easy school lunch

Next, roll it and insert toothpicks to keep it from unrolling.

Turkey and cheese rollups

Finally, slice the tortilla in between each toothpick to make bite size rollups.

Easy chool lunch with tortilla rollups, Quaker Chewy Bars and apples

Pair your tortilla rollups with a Quaker Chewy Bar, cherry tomatoes and fresh apple slices with caramel dipping sauce.

Mini Ham And Cheddar Sandwiches

My family loves the sweet taste of King’s Hawaiian rolls so I knew this bread would be good. It didn’t disappoint and was perfect for these mini sandwiches.

Start by toasting two slices of bread, then cut off the crust (optional). Layer meat and cheese, add mustard and cut the sandwich into fourths. Finally, secure with a toothpick.

Mini ham and cheese sandwiches stacked

I added carrot sticks with blue cheese, fruit and every kid’s favorite, Pirate’s Booty.

Adding Pirate's Booty to lunch

This one was my girl’s favorite. Not only did they love the sandwiches, but they were super excited to open up their lunch and find Pirate’s Booty inside. It’s one of their favorite snacks.

Easy lunch idea with ham and cheese sandwiches

What’s great about these lunches is that they’re so easy, kids can make their own. It’s a great way to teach responsibility and most kids enjoy helping out in the kitchen anyway. Plus, it’s one less job that mom has to do!

Which one of these ideas do you think your kids would most like to find in their lunchbox? What are some of your favorite easy school lunch ideas? Don’t forget to check out the Back to School promotion at Publix to save on all your favorite lunch items.

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