25 Of The Hottest Christmas Toys For 2019

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What are the hottest Christmas toys for 2019? These are the toys that your kids will be begging to find under the Christmas tree this year!

This post contains affiliate links

I think one of my favorite things about having kids is toy shopping! I just find it fun to wander up and down the toy aisles, trying to decide what my girls would love most. Of course, there are some toys that are always a safe bet. What kid doesn’t want a giant dollhouse (my girls LOVED their KidKraft dollhouse) or a new bike, right?

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Hottest Christmas Toys For 2019

Then there are the new toys! These are the must-have toys of the year, the ones that you have to find before they completely disappear off the shelves.

I swore I’d never be that mom who went nuts trying to find a specific toy…but that was before I actually had kids! At the height of the craze over the first Frozen movie, I found myself driving all over town looking for the Anna doll that my little Keira wanted (and it was so worth it when I heard those squeals of happiness on Christmas morning…even though one leg was completely gone within a month)

Frozen toys are sure to be all the rage again this year but they’ll have some competition. I’ve been checking out all the top toy lists from Amazon to Target and these are the ones that are going to be the hottest Christmas toys for 2019! (Sarasota friends…I’ll also be sharing these on Suncoast View on December 12th. Be sure to tun in!)


25 Of The Hottest Christmas Toys For 2019

What are the hottest Christmas toys for 2019? Your kids will be begging to find these under the tree!

Which toys will your kids want most? I’m already looking forward to the squeals of delight when my little Keira finds Cubby the Bear under the tree!

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