The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls

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Christmas is on the way and if you have kids, you want to have the perfect gifts waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning. Having two girls has taught me that you can never go wrong with Barbie gifts. Find out which ones my youngest daughter is falling in love with this year!

Looking for gift ideas for girls? You can never go wrong with Barbie gifts and these Christmas gifts will always bring a squeal of delight!

One of the reasons I love having girls is because I secretly want to play with their toys. Growing up, I loved Barbie and now my girls feel exactly the same way. While my oldest may be starting to outgrow them, my five year old loves them more than ever. Finding gifts for Keira is so easy now…if it says Barbie on the box, I know I’m going to hear that squeal of delight when she opens it. When she got her new Barbie bike a few weeks ago, she could have stayed outside riding until the sun went down (trust me, she tried!).

Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head

One thing I couldn’t wait to give her is this Barbie Flip & Reveal Deluxe Styling Head. Keira’s always asking to play hair salon and if I’m too busy, she’ll settle for daddy’s hair instead (he’s such a good sport). Now with this fun Barbie styling head, she can play hair salon anytime she wants. I love shopping for our toys at Walmart because they always have such low prices. Plus, have you seen their toy section? It’s huge! My daughter could spend an hour in just the Barbie aisle alone!

If you're looking for great gift ideas for girls, you can't go wrong with this Barbie styling head.

The fun thing about this styling head is that it comes with so many accessories. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Chalk marker
  • Brush applicator
  • Three hair stencils
  • Measuring cup
  • Brush
  • Two nail wheels
  • Nail stickers
  • Hair bands
  • Color change applicator
  • Two hair foils
  • Hair extension

Keira was so excited that she barely knew where to start. It didn’t take long before she decided that Barbie needed a manicure. She started by using the applicator to color Barbie’s nails. Cold water turns them a natural pink and warm water gives her bright pink nails. I sure wish it were that easy to do my own nails!

This styling head is one of my favorite gift ideas for girls

Next came the stick on nails. Barbie came with yellow nails, pink nails and plenty of cute sticker choices for Keira to choose from.

The Barbie styling head lets little girls give their Barbie a manicure

I wasn’t sure if she’d need help but Keira was able to do it completely on her own.

My daughter loved her Barbie styling head

Next it was time for make-up. Like the nails, Barbie’s pink lips change from light pink to hot pink by brushing on warm or cold water. I love how easy it was for Keira to do everything on her own.

The lipstick on the Barbie styling head changes colors

When she decided to switch to hair, Keira had fun flipping Barbie’s hair around to turn it from blonde to hot pink. Then she decided that Barbie needed highlights. The toy comes with a pink color pen that can be used with a stencil, a brush applicator or just on it’s own.

The stencils allow girls to make pretty designs in Barbie's hair

The stencils were a little tricky but she had a lot of fun using the applicator to create highlights “like mommy gets”.

My daughter loved creating highlights in her Barbie's hair

Maybe I have a budding hair stylist on my hands! Let’s hope so…I could use a hairdresser in the family!

Little girls can play hair stylist with their Barbie toys

Keira had a blast playing with her styling head and it kept her busy for well over an hour. That’s pretty impressive when you think about the attention span of a five year old!

My daughter loved playing with this Barbie styling head

The next time I checked on her, Barbie had a ponytail and was about to get a hair extension too.

The Barbie styling head even comes with a hair extension

As soon as she came home from school the next day, the first thing she wanted to do was play with her new toy. Even my ten year old have been having fun with it. If you have a little girl, she’ll be pretty excited to find this under the Christmas tree!

Give the gift of style with these gift ideas for girls

Barbie dolls are always popular in my house too. We even made out own Think Outside the Box Barbie Car. Little Keira loves getting new Barbie dolls and it’s so much fun to secretly eavesdrop on the conversations her dolls have with each other (shh…don’t tell her I’m listening).

Barbie 28″ Doll

I knew she’d love this Barbie 28″ doll and the first thing she said when she saw it was that “she’s almost my size”. Okay, not quite but she was at least halfway there.

This 28" Barbie doll is another one of my favorite gift ideas for girls

She also noticed immediately that Barbie has eyelashes just like she does. Keira has the longest eyelashes in our family (I’m SO jealous).

My daughter loved this Barbies long eyelashes

If you collect the set, you can mix and match the different Barbie clothes, shoes and accessories. This one comes with a fashionable purse and a gold necklace.

This Barbie comes with a pretty necklace

Another thing that makes these dolls fun to play with is that the arms and legs can be bent into different poses. Keira made her daddy very proud by having Barbie clap for our favorite football team. It even worked…we won!

My daughter loves posing with her 28" Barbie doll

I can’t help much if you have boys (maybe Hot Wheels?) but this is such an easy choice for little girls. I definitely would have wanted one of these when I was a kid.

These gift ideas for girls will put a smile on any little girls face

Keira was pretty happy with her new toy and now it’s one of her favorites.

These gift ideas for girls are perfect for Christmas

Little girls may be hard to shop for but they always love new Barbie toys! We have some Barbie toys that my girls have played with for years.  Any time it gets quiet in my house, I know Keira is playing with her Barbie toys. That or causing trouble…but usually playing with the toys. They just make her happy and when you have happy kids (and a quiet house), life is good!

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Oooh….I didn’t know they were still make the Barbie hairstyling heads! I remember wanting one so badly when I was a little girl. It looks like your daughter is having fun with hers. I like that the company is making Barbies a bit more diverse these days.

Awww I had a Barbie Makeover head when I was little and I loved it. These are great suggestions, from a Mom of Boy’s I always feel at a loss buying for the little girls in our lives

Wow Barbie sure has changed since the days when I was a little girl! These are great gift ideas for the little ladies on our shopping list!

My daughter would absolutely love this gift! She is so into putting on makeup, she would freak if she got this !

I remember getting the first styling head of Barbie’s. It was so much fun but that poor Barbie had to put up with so much! Great gift, fond memories.

That Barbie styling head is the best – I remember playing with one like that when I was little for HOURS! However, my girls are too busy coloring/styling/manicuring their sister to get around to doing it to anything else (good thing we keep the permanent markers hidden!)

Brings back so many memories only the difference now is you can do so much more to Barbie. We could not color hair love it !!

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