Christmas Gift Tags From The North Pole

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Why pay for Christmas gift tags when you can get these Santa approved free printable gift tags straight from the North Pole!

This post contains affiliate links

I love the holidays but between the gifts, food and holiday decor, it can add up! It’s okay because it’s all part of the fun but if I can get by without paying for something, I totally will. I mean, I still need to have a little money left over for wine, right?

Christmas Gift Tags

That’s why I never buy gift tags. Why should we buy them when we can just print them off the computer for free, right? Plus, these fun Christmas gift tags are SO much cuter than any of the generic ones you’ll find at the store! (You can also use these fun Christmas envelopes to send letters to the North Pole)

Christmas gift tags from Santa

That’s because these gift tags come straight from the North Pole. Just a couple months ago I was in Rovaniemi, Finland, the official hometown of Santa Claus. I met the big guy in person and he gave these cute tags his seal of approval!

Visiting Santa Claus

All you have to do is throw some card stock in the printer and hit the print button. You can even use regular paper in a pinch. Once they’re printed, just fill out the tags and attach them to the gift…super easy!

Christmas Gift Tags

Not only will you save money on gift tags but you’ll have the coolest gift tags around…plus, ,they’re signed by Santa himself! It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you really want it to look authentic, you can attach these super cute Made In Santa’s Workshop stickers! There’s also a Nice List Certificate and Letters From Santa.

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