Thanksgiving Matching Game

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Looking for a Thanksgiving game to keep the kiddos busy while the grownups hang out and cook? This Thanksgiving Matching Game is the perfect way to entertain those little ones!

Thanksgiving Matching Game

This post contains affiliate links

There’s a lot to do on turkey day. You’ve got to put out the perfect Thanksgiving tablescape, make your favorite turkey recipe and cook up all those delicious Thanksgiving side dishes. It’s hard to do all that keep the kids entertained at the same time. 

Thanksgiving Matching Game 

That’s why I love this cute Thanksgiving matching game. It’s so easy for the kids to play. All you do is print it on cardstock, cut the pieces apart and the game is good to go (even better, let the kids do the printing and cutting). The best part is that it’s completely free!

Thanksgiving Matching Game cards

If there are multiple kids, which there usually are, the older ones can team up with the younger ones. Here’s how they play:

  • After cutting out all the cards, turn each one upside down and arrange in rows.
  • One by one, children take turns flipping over two cards.
  • If they make a match, they get another turn.
  • If they don’t match, they flip the cards back over and the next person gets their turn.
  • The game is over when all cards are matched.
  • Whoever has the most matching pairs is the winner.

More Thanksgiving Games

If you want more Thanksgiving games, there are plenty more to choose from online. You can never go wrong with Thanksgiving Bingo and if you want the kids to play outdoors, this bean bag Turkey toss looks like a lot of fun. Kids can play Pin The Tail On The Turkey and the whole family enjoy Thanksgiving charades!

Then there’s always the fun Thanksgiving game of eat as much as you can until you can’t possibly eat another bite! My family plays that one a lot…how about yours?

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