3 Super Cute Emoji Pumpkins For Halloween

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Every year I love Halloween more and more. I think part if it is that we've moved into a neighborhood where people REALLY love their Halloween decorations. It makes me want to step it up! We've got costumes for the whole family this year! My hubby and I even match and maybe next year I'll get even more creative with a DIY couples costume.

For now  I'm going a little crazy with no carve pumpkins...LOTS of them! In the last week, I've made everything from melted crayon pumpkins to Cinderella pumpkins. It all started when I was invited to appear on Sarasota's Suncoast View.  They asked me to come on and make fun pumpkins for Halloween and well, I got a little out of control. I found these cheap foam pumpkins at a dollar store and practically cleaned them out.

You can easily make emoji pumpkins with cheap, foam pumpkins

Some of my favorites were these cute emoji pumpkins.  They were so much fun to make and so easy that the kids will love making them too. Want to make some with me? Here's what you'll need:

Emoji pumpkins


Bright yellow acrylic paint

Red acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

Blue acrylic paint

(if you want to make this project even easier, you can use Sharpies in place of the paint)

How To Make Emoji Pumpkins

Start by painting your pumpkins yellow. You'll need about 2-3 coats to cover all the orange.

Of course, your emoji pumpkin will need to be yellow.

Next, add the features. I'm not the best at drawing so I pulled a bunch of emojis up on Google. I picked my favorite and started by drawing it on with a pencil. That way if I didn't like the way it looked, I could fix it and cover it with paint. If you look closely, you can see that I started making the heart on the right a little too small so I drew a bigger one around it.

I think it's easier to get your emoji pumpkins right when you start with pencil

All that was left was painting in the shapes. Any mistakes were covered up and nobody knows the difference (shhh...don't tell!).

You can use paint or markers for your emoji pumpkins

I added some twinkle to the eyes and my "love" emoji was finished. What do you think?

I liked adding a little twinkle to the eyes

I didn't feel like one emoji was enough so I made a laughing emoji pumpkin too. Again, I drew the faces with pencil first, then painted them when I had them looking just right.

This emoji looks pretty happy to me

I couldn't leave out the winking emoji pumpkin...he's one of my favorites!

I knew the "winky" face had to be one of my emoji pumpkins

My five year old is obsessed with the poop emoji (what is it about poop emojis and kids???) and was a little disappointed that I didn't make one. However, I really love these three and do want to add to my new collection.

These emoji pumpkins were so easy and fun

Which emoji do you think should I make next? I'm leaning towards the "blowing a kiss" emoji, just because I use it so much. I still have pumpkins left so I can't stop now!

Want to get a little messy? This crayon pumpkin might be messy, but it's so worth it!

YouTube video
Golden Snitch Pumpkin FB

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