Elf On The Shelf Twister (Free Printable)

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This free printable Elf Twister game is one of the cutest and easiest ideas for your Elf on the Shelf this holiday season. The whole family will love waking up to find their Scout Elf playing a fun game of tiny Twister!

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A set of christmas twister cards with a christmas tree and ornaments.

Printable Elf Twister Game

If The Elf On The Shelf is a Christmas tradition in your house, your kids will love this eIf idea! It’s an adorable Elf-sized version of the game Twister. Perfect for when you need a cute and fun Elf on the Shelf idea, it’s also super easy.

This elf activity contains a mini Twister board with rows of colorful dots that look exactly like the real version. It even comes with the spinner wheel showing the little Elf exactly where to place his hands and feet.

Your elf could even bring a full size version as a gift for the kids. It’ll be perfect for a fun family game night!

A group of people playing a game of twister.

How to get Your Elf Twister Printable

To get your free Elf on the Shelf Twister game, just click the link to download and print your copy. Then cut out the mat and spinner. Unlike some Elf props, there’s no assembly required here, so this is a great one for busy moms who are short on time.

This Elf game would be a fun tie-in with a family game night. You can invite the whole family to play a game of actual twister, or whatever board games you prefer. This cute Elf scene is a great way to inspire plenty of fun and laughter in your home this Christmas!

If you have trouble getting your Elf to stay in place on the board, try propping him against the wall. You could also use some double-sided tape to keep him in position. If you have time, you could order this Elf Flex Kit to make your elf bendable (I got it and love it!).

Want to add a little extra holiday cheer to your game? Add glitter glue to the Twister dots to make the mat sparkle.

A set of twister cards with different colors of dots on them.

Elf Twister

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These Christmas activities and free printables will keep your Elf busy and your family entertained all season long!

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