Chewbacca Valentine Box

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This Chewbacca Valentine Box is perfect way for little Star Wars fans to collect their valentine cards!

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Chewbacca Valentine Box - This Star Wars Valentine Box will be a hit for Valentine's Day. What Star Wars fan wouldn't want a Chewbacca Valentine Box for their school party. They'll have just as much fun making this Valentine craft too! #ValentineBox #Valentinecraft #StarWarsValentineBox #Chewbacca

My youngest daughter has loved Chewbacca since the first time she laid eyes on him at Disney World! She was still too young to had ever seen the movies but she thought Chewbacca was the cutest thing she’d ever seen.

Anytime we go to Disney World, we have visit Hollywood Studios and see “Chewy” first. She even makes a card for him every time, decorating them with hearts and butterflies. It’s cuteness overload!

Meeting the inspiration for our Chewbacca Valentine Box

Now that Valentine’s Day is almost here, one of our Valentine’s Day box ideas was to make a Chewbacca valentine box. My oldest daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan so when we bought fake fur to make a Harry Potter Monster Book Of Monsters Valentine box, I thought it would be perfect for a Chewbacca Valentine Box too. Keira was beyond excited!

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Cereal box

Brown fake fur – I bought mine at a fabric store but found this on Amazon. You’ll probably need at least two, depending on the size of your box.

Black craft foam sheet

Brown craft foam sheet

Drinking straw (optional)


X-ACTO knife (keep this away from the little ones though!)

Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Chewbacca Valentine Box

You’ll start with your cereal box and the fake fur, which you can find at almost any fabric store.

You'll need a cereal box and fake fur to make your Chewbacca Valentine Box

Before you glue the fur onto the box, make a “door” for removing the Valentine cards. It’s easier to do it before you glue on the fur.

Cut a slot in the back to remove the Valentines from your Chewbacca Valentine Box

Next, glue the fur on the box. I found that I didn’t need to cover the entire box with fur and just used it along the edges.

I was super excited to be using my brand new cordless glue gun from Surebonder. I’ll never be able to go back to a regular glue gun again! Remember the “olden days” (as my 5 year old calls them) when we had phones attached to the wall. It was so freeing to get a cordless phone right? This is exactly the same thing. This cordless glue gun has made crafting is SO much easier for me!

My new cordless glue gun made this Chewbacca Valentine Box so much easier to make.

Once you glue the fur to the box, cut off the excess and fold the top over. Glue that piece to the box as well.

My little Star Wars fan couldn't wait to see how this turned out

Now, following the path of the door, cut the fur to match.

Cut a square of fur off the back for the Chewbacca Valentine Box for the flap.

Glue the fur onto the back of the “door”. Once the glue dries, just push it in a little and it’ll stay in place. The fur will cover it so that nobody will even know there was a hole to begin with.

Once you push the flap down, it's nearly invisible

Don’t forget to cut a hole for the Valentines to be delivered. I used the X-ACTO knife to cut out a rectangle. Then I pulled the fur slightly away from the box and cut the cardboard a little more so it wouldn’t be seen. Then I folded the extra fur over and glued it to the inside of the hole.

Don't forget to make a hole in the Chewbacca Valentine Box for the Valentines.

Next up, the features. I had to Google images and study Chewbacca and while the eyes and nose were pretty simple, the mouth was tricky. When I tried to make a mouth with him doing his Chewbacca roar, he just looked like a scary monster getting ready to eat someone. That wouldn’t work! In the end, this is what I went with…

The pieces for the face are fairly simple to make.

The shapes were super easy to make and I only had one problem. I didn’t like the look of the nose flat against the fur so I glued a piece of a straw to the back. That gave it just the right amount of curve.

Adding a piece of a straw give the nose a crafty curve

It’s totally up to you if you want to do that or not but I thought it looked a little better than the flat nose. Once the face is done, the last thing you need is what Keira calls the “sash”. I cut a strip of brown foam, then added pieces of aluminum foil.

Your Chewbacca Valentine Box will need "weapons"

Finally I added smaller brown pieces across the foil and Chewbacca was ready. Keira couldn’t have been happier about her new Chewbacca Valentine box! She just wanted to carry him around like a stuffed animal all day.

This Chewbacca Valentine Box is perfect for the Star Wars fans in your house.

Are your kids Star Wars fans? What characters would they like to see transormed into Valentine Boxes?

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