50+ Of The Best Harry Potter Party Ideas

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Throwing a Harry Potter party? From invitations to decor and everything in between, these awesome Harry Potter party ideas will help make this the best birthday party ever!

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Love Harry Potter? We’re huge fans too and love both the movies and the books! We’ve also been lucky enough to make regular visits to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter (one of the bonuses of living 90 minutes from Orlando)

That’s why we love a good Harry Potter party! Whether it’s a Harry Potter birthday party or a Halloween party, it’s a theme that kids never get tired of (each of my girls have had their own Harry Potter birthday party).

From Harry Potter recipes to decor, there’s a lot that goes into planning a party. I’m making it easy for you, with everything in one place! Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Invitations
  • Cakes & Cupcakes
  • Party Decorations (DIY and from Amazon)
  • Crafts & Activities
  • Games & Printables
  • Goodie Bag Ideas
  • Butterbeer Recipes (& variations)

I’ve also got a separate post for Harry Potter gift ideas if you’re looking for the perfect present!

Ready to plan your own magical party? Check out these awesome ideas…

The Best Harry Potter Party Ideas

Some of these are creative ideas that you can make yourself. Others are things you can easily order because let’s face it, sometimes we just can’t do it all! Either way, these are some of my favorites…

DIY Birthday Party Invitations

Harry Potter invitations on wood background

I’ve designed several different sets of Free Printable Harry Potter Invitations (with envelopes too). You can customize them online or just print blank invitations and fill in the party details with a marker. It’s all up to you and super easy!

Harry Potter party invitations

This Hogwarts Letter Party Invitation looks just like an official Hogwarts acceptance letter. What kid wouldn’t want to get one of these by owl post?!

How awesome are these Daily Prophet Invitations invitations? Designed to look like the Daily Prophet, you can even add your child’s photo…they look pretty authentic to me! Plus, this Etsy shop has lots of other Harry Potter invitations to choose from too.

Hogwarts Express Birthday Invitations

If you’re just way too busy to customize your own invites, these Hogwarts Express invitations couldn’t get much easier! Just enter your info and someone will customize the tickets for you. Now all you have to do is hand them out!

Harry Potter Party Food And Drink

You’ll need plenty of party food and drinks! Start with a cauldron cake, then wash it down with a glass of butterbeer! Check out my list of awesome Harry Potter recipes for more themed food like pumpkin pasties and treacle tarts!

Harry Potter butterbeer on napkin

Harry Potter Butterbeer

This magical birthday drink is a must have for little wizards and muggles alike!

Butterbeer cupcakes with butterscotch drizzle

Butterbeer Cupcakes

You’ll need a cake or cupcakes to go with your Harry Potter party theme and these sweet cupcakes are always a hit!

Owl Cupcakes feature

Hedwig Owl Cupcakes

Want to get really crafty? Make cupcakes that look just like Harry’s pet owl, Hedwig.

Cauldron cakes

Cauldron Cakes

These decadent Harry Potter-inspired cauldron cakes are as fun to make as they are to eat! They’ll satisfy any chocolate cravings for sure!

Finished Hagrid Cake

Hagrid’s Harry Potter Birthday Cake

If you want a super easy Harry Potter birthday party idea, make a copycat version of Hagrid’s cake. It’s supposed to have a haphazard look so if you mess it up, even better.

Harry Potter cake

Harry Potter Cake

Or just make a Harry Potter that looks like…well, you know who!

Harry Potter Unicorn Cake

Harry Potter Unicorn Cake

This unique cake is made with gryffindor colors but you can change it up with blue and gold for ravenclaw or any of the other houses instead.

Monster Book Of Monsters cake

Monster Book Of Monsters Cake

Don’t be scared! With this cake, you’ll be the one doing the biting.

Harry Potter Snitch Cake

Harry Potter Snitch Cake

This cake, made to resemble the elusive quidditch ball, may take a little more work but your guests will be totally amazed by the results.

No-Churn Butterbeer Ice Cream in sugar cone

Butterbeer Ice Cream

This ice cream is the perfect side to go with your favorite Harry Potter cake or cupcakes.

Butterbeer fudge on red striped plate

Butterbeer Fudge

Just like the fudge you’d find at Honeydukes Sweet Shop, this sweet treat is always a favorite.

DIY Harry Potter Party Decorations

Harry Potter Banner with gold and maroon border

It’s not a party without a banner and this free Harry Potter banner is perfect. Just print the letters and images you need to customize it any way you like!

Harry Potter flying keys

Hang these Flying Keys to set the scene for a party that will feel totally enchanted.

Platform 9 3/4 for a Harry Potter themed birthday

This Platform 9 3/4 decor is just one of the awesome ideas that I found on Tuxedo Cats And Coffee. They have so many great ideas for your party, including a life sized Dementor and Hedwig Welcome Sign to greet arriving guests.

Harry Potter phone booth and more

Want to give the MInistry Of Magic a call? Check out this phone booth and lots more fun ideas.

Mirror of Erised

The site Delicious Reads has so many great Harry Potter ideas that I couldn’t even list them all! From the Harry Potter phone booth to printable signs, there are a lot of fun Harry Potter decorations to choose from, including the magical Mirror Of Erised!

Harry Potter Acceptance Letters

These “flying” acceptance letters are fun decor but also make a great photo backdrop!

Easy Party Decor

Don’t have time to make your own party decor? Check these out instead…

Harry Potter platform 9 3/4 curtain

Create your own Platform 9 3/4! This brick wall backdrop works for both your front door or as a cool decor for inside. You can also buy a stone wall backdrop to make the living room look more like a room in Hogwart’s castle.

Harry Potter balloons

You can’t have a wizarding party without Harry Potter balloons. It’s just about the easiest way to give the house a festive, party feel.

Hogwarts House wall banners

These Hogwarts House Banners, make the perfect party decoration, with a banner to represent each Hogwarts House

Harry Potter Party Decoration Kit

Want the whole shebang? This Harry Potter Decoration Kit includes a Harry Potter banner, streamers and centerpieces.

Magical bookshelf backdrop

This magical bookshelf backdrop looks like it came straight out of a castle (and makes a great backdrop for photos too).

Floating candles

Use fishing line to hang these floating candles from the ceiling. You’ll get a cool levitating effect, just like the one in the great hall.

Flying keys

Don’t want to make your own flying keys? Hand these premade flying keys from the ceiling!

Harry Potter Printable Games And Activities

Harry Potter Bingo Game

This Harry Potter Bingo Game is perfect for parties! Just print and play…the free printables even come with cut-out bingo chips. The best part about it is that it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

Harry Potter Trivia Game Feature

Test everyone’s wizarding knowledge with these fun Harry Potter Trivia Questions And Answers.

Harry potter printable coloring pages

Want more ways to keep the little ones busy? These free Harry Potter coloring pages is the perfect first activity because it keeps keep early arriving kids busy while you wait for the rest of the party guests. We also used them for entertainment when the kids were waiting to get their faces painted. The bonus? It’s super easy and inexpensive!

Harry Potter Word Search

Kids also love a good word search! This wizarding word search is another great party activity or even something fun for the goodie bags. It’s also a great wrap up activity for the end of the party when kids are waiting to go home.

Harry potter charades

How about a game of charades? This Harry Potter themed party game should be entertaining for both the kids AND the adults watching them!

Harry Potter photo booth props

After you’ve played a few games, party guests can also have fun getting silly with these photo booth props. This Hogwarts Castle backdrop adds another magical touch.

Snowy white owl pinata

What kid doesn’t love a pinata? Fill this Owl Pinata with candy and let the kids go nuts!

Harry Potter Crafts

DIY Harry Potter wands in a row

If you’re looking for craft ideas, you can’t beat these DIY Harry Potter wands. Little wizards will have so much fun making them and the best part is that no two magic wands are alike.

Short on time? You can also buy this DIY Wand Kit with everything you need already included.

Monster Book Of Monsters book cover feature

These Monster Book Of Monster book covers make an easy craft that goes perfectly with your Harry Potter theme.

Harry Potter Bookmarks on open book

These cute Harry Potter bookmarks are fun activities that also make the perfect crafty party favor. The bonus? Make these may even encourage more reading!

Chocolate Golden Snitches for a Harry Potter themed party

These chocolate golden snitches are a cross between a craft and a yummy treat…the best of both worlds!

Harry Potter fortune telling

They didn’t make this in potions class! It may look like a simple party drink but it’s actually a Divinations Class Fortune Telling Trick! It’s a simple trick but one that’s sure to be hugely popular!

Origami Sorting Hat

The kids will love sorting themselves with this free printable Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat. Plus, putting this origami craft together will keep the kids entertained for awhile.

Harry Potter Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

The kids will love getting crafty with these cute Harry Potter toilet paper roll crafts.

Harry Potter activity cards

The kids can choose their own “adventure” with these fun HP themed activity cards.

Monster Book Of Monsters Valentine Box

Originally made as a Valentine’s Day box, I realized this Harry Potter Monster Book Of Monsters would make a great pinata too. Just make the mouth a little smaller and add some rope and you’re good to go.

Harry Potter Goodie Bag Ideas

Harry Potter Party Favors

Need fun party favor ideas? This list has all kinds of amazing ideas, from Harry Potter’s signature glasses to character key chains. All the little witches and wizards will be thrilled to find these in their favor bags.

Let the kids make their own party favor box! It’s a goodie “bag” that doubles as a party craft!

Bookmarks for a Harry Potter Goody Bag

I love how colorful these Hogwarts bookmarks are and it’s the perfect way for kids to mark their pages in their Harry Potter books.

Chocolate frogs

Every Harry Potter fan knows that chocolate frogs are the candy of choice in the Wizarding World. Now the kids can have their own chocolate frogs…and these magical treats won’t even try to jump away.

DIY Harry Potter Book Of Spells

Print these pages out and kids can make their very own spell book.

Harry Potter broomsticks

You can never go wrong with glow sticks, especially when they come in the form of these cute glow stick broomsticks.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

These boxes of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans make a great addition to your goodie bag treats.

Now you’re totally ready to throw the ultimate Harry Potter party! I hope you have as much fun with it as we always do!

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