How To Make A Shopkins Box Tops Holder

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We already loved collecting Box Tops but it’s even more fun now that we’ve made this Shopkins Box Tops holder.  Keep reading to find out how you can easily make one of your own.

Your kids will have a blast making this "Kelly Calculator" Shopkins Box to hold all their Box Tops! #ad #costcoboxtops @costco @boxtops

We love collecting Box Tops!  As a mom, it’s such an easy way to raise money for my daughter’s school.  We buy so many products with box tops that I don’t even have to go out of my way to do it.  It takes two seconds to cut off the box tops and I’m done.  I’ve seen the reports from our elementary school and you’d be surprised at how fast the money adds up.  My oldest daughter Ashling is in it for the competition though!  Several times a year, classes compete against each other to earn prizes for collecting the most Box Tops.  I love that she got mommy’s competitive spirit!

During the week, my girls eat Cheerios every day for breakfast and as a special back to school treat, I bought them Honey Nut Cheerios instead of the usual yellow box Cheerios.  They pretty much think I’m mom of the year when they get Honey Nut Cheerios!  I also needed extra Ziploc bags for their school lunches because I never seem to have enough containers for the week.  You can never have too many Ziploc bags anyway, right?  You can also join the challenge by picking up some Lucky Charms cereal, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, Bisquick, GoGurt (a favorite for our lunch boxes) and lots more.


We have an old tea tin that we’d been using to collect our Box Tops but thought we’d start the school year with something a little more fun.  Since my girls love are obsessed with Shopkins, we decided to make a Shopkins collection box for all of our box tops.  Ashling and I went through her collection (over 450!!!) and chose several that fit the back to school theme.  Ultimately we chose Kelly Calculator.  Kelly really won by default because she was the closest in shape to our Honey Nut Cheerios box.  I’m all for a good challenge but I’m not exactly sure how we could have made a collection box modeled after those scissors.


After going to the craft store for a few supplies, we were ready to get started.  The first thing I did was to cover the box with scrapbook paper.

Shopkins-Box-Tops-covering cereal


This next part is totally optional but since I’m a Virgo, I had to make it look as similar to the original as possible (being a Virgo can be very time consuming)!  I cut the top off of the second box, covered it and glued it to the original box.  Then I made the calculator screen from pink paper and used a metallic pen for the numbers.


File folder labels were cut to fit evenly across the “calculator” and labeled with a black marker.


I used two wooden circles (milk jug lids would work too) for the glasses and painted them a teal color.  They blended in a little too much so a little green paint around the outside made them stand out.  The frame of the glasses and the outline of the mouth were also green, while the tongue was hot pink.   While I had the paint out, I also painted over the numbers on the screen to make them stand out even more.


I wasn’t sure what to use for the things sticking out on the sides.  To be honest, I’m still not even sure what they are…if you know, feel free to tell me in the comments.  I couldn’t find anything in the craft store that worked so I ended up painting a couple of Ashling’s erasers.


Last but not least, we needed a hole for the box tops.  I made a small slit in the top to drop them in and a “trap door” at the back so we could take them out when we needed to.

Shopkins-Box-Tops-trap door

Want to see how it turned out?


Here’s another look at the original…


I let Ashling put in the inaugural Box Top and now we’re really going to have fun earning money for her school!


It was a win/win…my girls think I’m the coolest mom ever because I bought Honey Nut Cheerios and Ashling will have even more fun collecting her Box Tops now.  Does your family collect Box Tops too?  What kind of unusual collection box would you make?

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