Three Reasons Why We Love Our Nearly Natural Christmas Tree

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Wondering if an artificial tree is for you? Find out why I’m loving my new Nearly Natural Christmas tree!


Nearly Natural provided this Christmas tree to facilitate my review but all opinions are 100% my own.

I used to be one of those normal people that just had one Christmas tree but somewhere along the way, things got a little out of control. Now we have multiple Christmas trees scattered throughout my house, from a full sized live tree to a small pink one that the girls love decorating with any girly ornament they can find.

Nearly Natural Christmas Trees

When we moved to Florida a few years back, I decided that we needed a coastal tree too. I found cheap white tree at an after Christmas sale but it definitely didn’t stand the test of time. This year I’m totally upping my game with a gorgeous upscale flocked tree from Nearly Natural.

I’d always wanted a flocked tree, the ones that look like they’re covered in snow. Nearly Natural had tons of trees to choose from, including a large selection of flocked trees. Their website makes it easy to find exactly what you want. You can filter between full or narrow trees, height and even the type of lights.

It took forever to narrow my choice down to just one but I finally settled on the 6′ Flocked Vermont Mixed Pine. I liked that it come with 300 clear LED lights along with 935 bendable branches. Plus, at 6′, it was just the size I wanted.

When the tree arrived, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Getting a new Christmas tree is always so exciting and I couldn’t wait to open it!

Nearly Natural tree in box

Easy To Assemble

Unlike a live tree, you don’t have to struggle with dragging it in the house and getting the entire thing into a tree stand. You pretty much just open a box and there it is!

The tree comes in three pieces, with an instruction manual to show you how to put it together. I doubt you’ll need instructions though. It’s so easy that I was able to figure it out just from looking at the pieces. There’s very clear bottom section, middle section and top section.

The first thing I learned about flocked trees is that you can expect to see a lot of snow on the ground. You’ll definitely want to have a vacuum or broom nearby before you get started. I’ve got two kids though so a little mess doesn’t scare me!

Base of Christmas tree in stand

Start by securing the bottom section of the tree into the tree stand.

Spread out the branches to make room for the second section.

Plug for connecting Christmas tree

Before you add the middle section, find the plug for the LED lights. Insert the next section and connect the lights. Finally, add the final section, connect the LED lights and spread out the branches.

Not only was this tree super easy to put together I LOVE how it looked once I fanned out the branches. I’ve bought artificial trees in the past and opened them up to find lots of empty spaces.

Comes Pre-strung With LED Lights

However, this tree had so many branches that I didn’t have that problem at all. Plus, with so many bendable branches, it was easy to move them around to get the full effect I was going for.

Another thing I love about this tree is that the lights are already done for us! We have a lot of fun decorating but lets face it, putting on the lights is kind a pain. Now I don’t have to worry about detangling strand after strand of Christmas tree lights…once the tree is put together, it’s ready for decorating!

Looks Natural

Okay, maybe having a tree with snow on it INSIDE the house is a little hard to believe but if you take out that aspect, the tree looks very realistic.

The flocking looked looked very balanced. Some branches had more snow than others, just like they would in real life. Overall, it just had a nice, natural look, unlike artificial trees I’ve bought in the past. My girls also gave it two thumbs up, though I think they just thought it was cool to have a tree covered with snow!

We had so much fun decorating our new tree. Though a few of our ornaments are fairly heavy, the branches on this tree were fine with the weight. We loaded it up with all our beach-y ornaments and it couldn’t have turned out prettier.

My only worry is that if we put up any more Christmas trees, our house is going to start looking like a Christmas tree forest!

Christmas trees in living room

On second thought, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Overall, we’re very happy with our new tree and can’t wait to decorate it for years to come!

If you’re looking for a tree (or trees!) of your own, you’ll find lots more Nearly Natural Christmas trees on Amazon! Happy decorating!

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