Mother’s Day Questionnaire Free Printable

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This Mother’s Day questionnaire is one that mom will want to save forever! Print this free printable Mother’s Day card and have fun seeing what your little ones come up with!

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Mother's Day Questionnaire Pin
Mommy and Me Pin 1

When I taught Kindergarten, one of my favorite activities each year was to have my students fill out a Mother’s Day questionnaire.  Of course, it was fun making all the Mother’s Day crafts but these Mother’s Day cards were always so cute and entertaining because you never knew what the kids were going to say! 

The best part was when my oldest was in Kindergarten and I finally got one of these Mother’s Day questionnaires for myself.  To this day, it’s my all time favorite Mother’s Day card from her.  All her answers were amusing but my favorite was her answer to “Mommy smells like_________”.  She answered “peanut butter” to that one and I’ve never laughed so hard!  It’s true, I do have a bit of a peanut butter addiction and now the big joke around the house is that I smell like peanut butter! I guess it could be worse, right?

A few years back, I decided to create my own printable with these Mother’s Day questions so that you all could have as much fun with it as I always have. It even included a cute portrait page so that your little one could draw a picture of mommy.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire

This Mother's Day card gives kids a spot to draw a picture of mom

My Mommy’s Portrait

Dad, or even siblings, can help the little ones fill out this Mother's Day questionnaire.

Mother’s Day Questionnaire 

Now I’ve got a new one that I love even more. Feel free to print it out for your little one(s), then have daddy do it with them so you don’t see the answers ahead of time (because that spoils all the fun!).

Mommy and Me Mother's Day Questionnaire

Mommy And Me Mother’s Day Questionnaire

Of course, it’s twice as much fun with a picture…

Mommy and Me Portrait 600

Mommy and Me Portrait

If your child wants to turn it into a Mother’s Day card, they’ll just need a 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper and a glue stick. Have them fold the construction paper in half and open it back up.  Then they can glue the printable inside and use crayons, stickers or even glitter to decorate the front.  

I actually did the first printable with my youngest a few years back. The cute part was that she thought it was a test (though I assured her it wasn’t) and after every question, she asked “Did I get it right?” So adorable!!!

Dad can help the kids with these Mother's Day questionnaires
This free printable Mother's Day card is one that mom will want to save forever!

Apparently all I do is sit around eating peanut butter and drinking coffee!  These really are my favorite cards ever because it’s so entertaining to hear what my girls REALLY think about me. 

I’d love to hear the funny answers that you get from your little ones so please feel free to share!

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  1. Mirela Ch says:

    Hi Lisa, Super idea for a card for mom. I really like the fact that children can answer questions, enter the free space reply on the other hand is a place for drawing 🙂
    The best one is “I love mommy because….” – Each answer at the end of this sentence makes it appear in our eyes, tears of happiness 🙂

    1. Thanks Mirela, It’s always fun to read the responses and to see how they draw us!

  2. I love my kid’s drawings of me. They draw me so much thinner and my hair always looks pretty. Thanks for the free printable!

    1. LOL…I always have a pretty dress (and I very rarely wear dresses)! I’m so glad you enjoyed the printable!

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