Peacock Inspired Teal Pumpkin For Halloween (and why you need one)

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Decorating pumpkins can be fun, but they can serve an important purpose too. Find out how you can help children by making a teal pumpkin for your porch on Halloween.

Recently I was invited to do a TV segment where I'd be sharing no carve pumpkin ideas. Not long before my scheduled appearance, one of my cousins reached out and told me about the teal pumpkin project.  She asked if I might be able to let people know about it and after learning more, I realized what a great cause it is.

The Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project is a program designed to raise awareness about children with food allergies and how we can include them in the trick-or-treating fun. That's where the teal pumpkin comes in. If you place a teal pumpkin on your front porch, you're telling trick-or-treaters that you have non-food treats available. These can be anything from bouncy balls, glow sticks or vampire teeth. 

Teal pumpkin project

I didn't realize that 1 in 13 kids has an allergy and love that this is an option for them. There's lots of great info about the Teal Pumpkin Project online. They have tons of ideas for non-candy food and you can even print out a sign for your door if you don't have time to make your own pumpkin.

I chose to make a pumpkin but because this was such a last minute project, I didn't take pictures for a tutorial. However, it's easy enough to make that you can easily do it without step by step photos.

I'd found these foam pumpkins at a dollar store and totally stocked up. Not only did I stock up, I used my entire batch and went back for more. They're perfect for no carve pumpkins and you can't beat the price.

Our teal pumpkin didn't start off so pretty.

Sometimes I don't really have a plan and just fly by the seat of my pants. Many times they turn out great...this time, not so much.

After painting the pumpkin teal, I went through my crafts and came across some pretty green metallic swirly things (surprisingly, not the official name for these things). I thought they'd look fabulous if I hot glued them all over the pumpkin but I turned out to be totally wrong. Once I'd glued them on, I didn't really like the way they looked. Back to square one.

I pulled them all off but in doing so, pulled off a couple extra layers. Now I was left with small white spots all over the pumpkin. I just needed to cover the spots with something and I could turn this project around.

Almost any pumpkin looks prettier when decorated with glitter

How To Make A Teal Peacock Pumpkin

I took Mod Podge and using my finger, spread paint over the spots. Then I sprinkled a white glitter over the glue. Since it didn't completely cover the spots, I added smaller dots of glue and sprinkled on some blue glitter.

A little white glitter topped with blue gave our teal pumpkin a peacock look

When my daughters saw my pumpkin, the first thing out of their mouths was that it looked like a peacock. I hadn't even thought of that but they were absolutely right.

Our teal pumpkin turned out great and supports a worthy cause.

Not only do we have another pretty pumpkin to add to our collection, we are helping others at the same time. We're going to put this by our door on Halloween so that all kids, even those with allergies, can have a happy and healthy trick-or-treating experience.

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