Fall Comfort Food: Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Tomato Soup

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This mouthwatering bacon grilled cheese with tomato soup is the perfect comfort food for fall. Head to Walmart and stock up now for an easy dinner idea your family will love!

It’s that time of year…can you feel it in the air? Fall is here and even though we don’t get many changing leaves here in Florida, I’m definitely noticing the difference.

There are pumpkin spice drinks everywhere, college football is in full swing and the weather is getting chillier. That means it’s time to break out the comfort food…yes, I’m talking soup!

My family loves their soup and Campbell’s® Tomato Soup is one of our favorites. Every spoonful is full of rich tomato flavor, probably because there are six farm-grown tomatoes in every can. It’s even better when we add the crunchiness of Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Cheddar Crackers!

Campbell's Tomato Soup With Goldfish

Everybody knows that if you’re having Campbell’s® Tomato Soup, there’s nothing that pairs more perfectly than a hot, grilled cheese sandwich. It’s important to use the right bread and cheese though. Our go-to choices are Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse® Hearty White Bread and Kraft® Singles American Slices. There’s no other cheese that melts better Kraft singles!

Sometimes I’ll even add bacon…everything tastes better with bacon, right?

Get Everything At Walmart

Because this is such an easy dinner idea for busy moms, I stock up so I can turn to it any time. That’s why you’ll always find me shopping at Walmart. They have everything I need, whether I’m shopping online or with their OPD (online pickup and delivery).

The best part is how much we save! With Walmart’s latest Ibotta offer, we get all the perfect pairings for fall at the lowest prices.

Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Once you’ve stocked up, you’re ready to roll. This bacon grilled cheese sandwich is so good, you’ll want it every night!

Start by buttering each slice of bread on one side. If the butter is too hard, you can melt it in the microwave and use a pastry brush to butter the bread. Otherwise, use a soft butter because it’s easier to spread evenly. Be sure to cover the entire slice.

Buttering bread for grilled cheese sandwich

Once you’ve buttered the bread, place two pieces butter side down on the cooking surface (our stove has a built in griddle but you can use a regular frying pan). Top each piece of bread with two slices of cheese.

Bread topped with cheese slices

Next, add your bacon. I used two slices for each sandwich. Break the slices in half, then place them on top of the cheese.

Bacon for grilled cheese sandwich

Top with the remaining slices of bread, butter side up.

Cook over medium heat for about five minutes on each side, or until the bread turns golden brown.

Sometimes I even like to surprise my girls by cutting their sandwiches into special shapes. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter but you can get creative with dinosaurs, fall pumpkins or any other shape you like. 

That’s all there is to it. Dinner is ready…how easy was that!

Ingredients for soup and sandwiches

My girls were so excited to see heart shaped grilled cheese and the Goldfish smiles in their soup! It’s funny how even the simplest things can mean so much to kids.

Everyone enjoyed the soup and sandwiches and this is definitely a meal we’ll be making again. We never get tired of our comfort food, especially this time of year!

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