DIY Hedgehog Valentine Box (with free template)

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45 minutes

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This adorable Hedgehog Valentine Box is the perfect way for kids to collect their valentine cards at school. With an easy to follow template, it’s the perfect valentine craft for kids of all ages!

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A cartoon animal with a purple envelope.

Hedgehog Valentine Box

It’s that time of year…time to come up with fun new Valentine Box Ideas! I absolutely love making these boxes. They bring back sentimental memories of making them with my girls for their school Valentines Day parties.

This year my youngest is officially in middle school, which means no more boxes for her (insert crying emoji here). However, for the last six year, I’ve been sharing my creations on Sarasota’s Suncoast View and this year is no exception.

I have several super fun boxes one the way, starting with this cute Hedgehog Valentine Box. To make it easy for the little ones, I’ve even included a free template to simplify things. Just print the template and cut out the pieces, then use them to trace the shapes onto the foam pieces…easy peasy!

A foam cut out of a hedgehog holding a letter.

Why We Love This Craft

  • Easy – This was made with just a few simple materials and a free template. It couldn’t get much easier!
  • Budget Friendly – Because you pretty much just need a cereal box and some craft foam, this activity is easy on the budget.
  • Adorable – This little hedgehog design is so adorable, every kid in class is sure to fall in love with it!

When you’re done, be sure to print these matching Hedgehog Valentines Cards too! Make these extra special by attaching a fun candy treat or a small gift like these hedgehog party favors.

Materials (including printable template)

A box of cereal, scissors, glue, and a box of cereal.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hedgehog Template pdf
  • Cereal box (ours was 7 1/2″ x 12″)
  • Light brown foam sheets (also called craft foam)
  • Dark brown foam sheets
  • White foam sheet
  • Black foam sheet
  • Pink foam sheet
  • Pink or brown marker (not pictured)

*You can find links to all these supplies in the tutorial below.

You’ll also need the following equipment: a pencil, scissors, a hot glue gun (or regular Elmer’s glue), a craft knife, a pink or brown marker and a hole punch (optional).

More Fun Valentine’s Day Boxes

Want more kids Valentine box ideas for the classroom exchange? Check out these creative ideas for inspiration:

You can also find more free printable classroom valentines here.

A craft foam cut out of a hedgehog with a purple envelope.
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Hedgehog Valentine Box

Additional Time 45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
This adorable Hedgehog Valentine Box, complete with free template, is the perfect way for kids to collect valentines from all their friends!




  • Print hedgehog templates and set aside
  • Glue the top of the cereal box closed. Use the craft knife or box cutter to make a long rectangular hole in the top or the back (this will be where the kids insert valentine cards). Parents will want to do this step for younger children.
    A box with a craft knife next to it
  • Wrap the box in white construction paper. Cut a slit where the rectangular hole is. Add glue to the back of the construction paper and fold it into the box. You could also use tape for this part.
    A pair of scissors next to a paper box.
  • Cut out the templates and trace onto the craft foam (templates will indicate what color each piece should be). For the eyes, it may be easier to trace quarters, but I included the eyes in the template just in case you don't have quarters handy.
    A person tracing a hedgehog body for a Valentine's Day box
  • Cut out each of the foam pieces. For the top part of the fur, you'll also want to cut on the dotted line, while still leaving the piece attached (it will be kind of like a "flap")
    Valentine's day hedgehog craft foam pieces
  • Glue the two large piece of dark brown craft foam (the fur for the right and left sides) to the cereal box. You'll see the line in the middle where the pieces come together, but don't worry because that'll get covered up.
    Craft foam fur for a Valentine's Day hedgehog
  • Glue the white piece to the lower part of the hedgehog's face.
    Paper cut out pieces of a hedgehog
  • Add the eyes, eyebrows and nose. Use the marker to draw a mouth under nose (you can use pencil first then trace over it if you'd like). Do NOT add the ears yet…you'll do that after adding the top fur piece.
    You can also hole punch two small white circles to add a "glimmer" to the eyes.
    A pair of scissors and a hole puncher next to a hedgehog head
  • Slide the head just under the "fur" flap and glue it to the head. Now add the ears on either side.
    Valentine's day hedgehog craft for kids.
  • Add the body just under the head, then add the feet.
    A hedgehog craft with scissors and a glue gun.
  • Finally, add the card and glue the hands as if holding it. If you're making a girl hedgehog, you can add the bow now too. That's all there is too it…now you have an adorable Hedgehog Valentine Box to collect all those cards.
    Valentine's day hedgehog box


  • If you don’t have craft foam, you could also use construction paper. You just won’t want the fur to hang out so far on the sides, since it won’t be as sturdy.
  • I used a 7 1/2″ by 12″ cereal box. If you use a different size box, you may need to adjust the size of the templates.
  • Feel free to get more colorful. You can make the hedgehog red (fur) and pink (body), or use any other colors you’d like. You can also have your hedgehog holding a heart of a flower instead of an envelope.

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A cartoon animal with a letter.

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