Free Printable Lemonade Stand Signs

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These printable lemonade stand signs will help take your child’s lemonade stand to a whole new level! Now they’ll have everything they need to build a successful summer business from scratch (lemonade not included).

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A group of lemonade cards.

Lemonade Stand Signs (Free Printables)

When summer rolls around, it’s time for the kids to get creative and use the rising temperatures to their advantage. A lemonade stand is a fun way to get them off technology and outside…and also an easy way for them to earn a little pocket money too!

That’s why I created these free lemonade stand printables for them to use for their new business! These printable signs and lemonade decor include:

  • “Freshly-squeezed lemonade” sign
  • “Easy peasy lemon squeezy” sign
  • “Squeeze the day” sign
  • Lemonade price list
  • LEMONADE stand banner
  • “Lemonade stand ahead” sign
  • Sales tracker
  • Thank you sheet (you can print on a card or sticker paper)

Just let the kids choose the ones they need, print them out, and hang them where everyone can see. They’ll have the cutest lemonade stand on the block!

A display of fresh lemons scattered around lemonade stand signs

Why We Love These Printables

Budget Friendly – With these printables, you don’t need to buy expensive materials or banners for your lemonade stand. All you need is some paper and a printer!

Fun – With school out for the summer, it can be hard to keep the kids entertained (and off technology). This is an easy way for them to have some fun outside.

Attention Grabbing – With these bright and colorful signs, nobody will be able to pass by without buying a cup…or two!

A lemonade stand decorated with yellow bunting in a sunny garden, featuring jars of lemonade, colorful straws, and fresh flowers.

Why Make a Kids Lemonade Stand?

 A summer lemonade stand is a fantastic activity for the kids! Not only is it fun but it teaches them some valuable skills too!

They’ll get hands-on experience in budgeting, pricing, and handling money, not to mention marketing skills. Plus, interacting with customers helps with their social skills, and if done with friends, it also becomes a teamwork exercise.

How To Print Your Signs

Ready to get started? To get your own copy of these lemonade stand signs, click the link below for your instant download. This will take you to a separate page where you’ll see each printable in PDF form. 

Browse through the pages, save the ones you need, and print as many as you’d like. Then watch the kids have a blast decorating their lemonade stand.

Tip: If you plan to reuse these printables for future lemonade stands, you can laminate them to make them last longer.

A collection of lemon-themed printables for a lemonade stand

Print here: Lemonade Stand Signs

More Lemonade Themed Decor

  • Choose a bright and cheerful tablecloth or fabric to cover the stand table.
  • Consider patterns with lemons, polka dots, or stripes for added visual appeal.
  • Let the kids make drawings to decorate the stand.
  • Attach colorful balloons to the stand for a festive look.

Don’t forget the most important thing…the lemonade! If you need a couple of recipes to make your fresh squeezed lemonade extra special, these are some fun ones:

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