Christmas 5 Seconds Game (Free Printable)

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This free printable Christmas 5 Seconds game is so much fun to play! Kids and adults alike will have a blast with this fun holiday activity that rewards players for quick thinking.

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Printables for playing the Christmas 5 Seconds Game on Christmas background

Christmas 5 Second Game

Get ready to test your holiday knowledge and your ability to think quickly under pressure with this fun game. This free printable is an easy way to break the ice at a Christmas party or add some extra cheer to an office or school holiday event.

Why We Love This Fun Christmas Game

Exciting – The timed element of coming up with answers within five seconds makes the game more exciting and adds a fun challenge.

Easy to Play – The concept is so simple. You don’t need any equipment to play this game except the game cards and a timer.

A Great Ice Breaker – It’s a perfect way to get people mingling and interacting at parties where all your guests may not know each other.

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How It Works

This Christmas party game, sometimes called 5 second rule, is incredibly simple to play and great for anyone from ages 10 and up. Here are the rules:

  • First, select the link below to download and print the pdf game cards, Then, cut them out and grab a timer, watch, or smart phone to time each turn.
  • The first person to go will select a card from the deck and read it to the person to their right. Each card requires the person answering to name 3 of some kind of Christmas themed item in under 5 seconds. Examples include Christmas movies, songs, and tree decorations.
  • If the person answering is able to successfully answer in 5 seconds, they get a point, and play moves to the left with a new card.
  • If the person can’t answer, no points are awarded and play moves to the left. The next person uses the same card, but answers from the previous turn cannot be reused.
  • Once everyone has had a chance to guess, the round is completed. You can play as many rounds as you like and the winner is the person with the most points at the end.
Printables for playing the Christmas 5 Seconds Game

If you’ve never played this before, you’re in for a treat! It’s guaranteed to bring tons of fun and laughter to your next party or game night.

Christmas 5 Seconds Game

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