Free Printable Mermaid Food Labels

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These Free Printable Mermaid Food Labels are just what you need for your mermaid themed party. Print them out and place them around your table for food labels that also double as fun, colorful decor.

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Planning a mermaid-themed party? With the new Little Mermaid movie coming out soon, there are sure to be plenty of little girls requesting one! I mean, who doesn’t love the Little Mermaid?!

Of course, if you’ve got your own party coming up, you’ll need plenty of supplies. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything from mermaid invitations to mermaid party games.

Everyone knows that one of the most important parts of any birthday party is the food. What better way to make your menu stand out with these adorable custom food labels? The best part is that all you need to do is print, fold and label them…easy breezy!

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How To Print Your Mermaid Food Labels

Step 1: Place cardstock in the printer. You can also use regular paper if needed but cardstock just holds up better.

Step 2: Determine how many copies you’ll need. Each page has 6 labels so if you need fewer than that, you just need to print one copy.

Step 3: Print the number of copies you need.

Step 4: Cut out each label. Use a marker to write the names of each food that will be represented.

Step 5: Place labels where they belong on the table. If you want to get extra crafty, hot glue a couple of shells around the bottom of the label.

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Mermaid Food Labels

Fun Mermaid Food Ideas

  • Driftwood – Chocolate covered pretzel rods
  • Fish & Chips – Goldfish and potato chips
  • Pearls – White powdered donut holes
  • Starfish – Sugar cookies shaped like stars
  • Ocean Floor Parfait – Mini dessert cups with layers of crushed graham crackers and blue pudding, topped with a few chocolate shells.
  • Ocean Water – Blue Punch

I’ve also got an awesome Mermaid Ice Cream recipe that’ll go perfectly with your cake or cupcakes! And if you need cupcake toppers, I’ve got those too!

Whatever you plan to serve, these cute labels are a great way to add a little something extra to the decor! So print all you need, then have an amazing party under the sea!

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