Christmas Minute To Win It Games (Free Printable)

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These Christmas Minute to Win It Games, with free printable, are quick-paced, exciting holiday games the whole family will love. Super easy to set up, they’re tons of fun to play and perfect for a party!

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Christmas minute to win it printables

Minute To Win It Christmas Games

If you’re hosting family or throwing a party this holiday season, you’ll need some fun games for everyone to enjoy. These Christmas Minute to Win It games are perfect for the job. They don’t require any special equipment, they’re fun to play (and to watch), and great for all ages.

What is Minute to Win It?

These easy Christmas Minute to Win It games are a series of themed games for kids and adults. They’re easy enough that they can be played with ordinary household holiday objects like a gingerbread man cookie, Christmas ornament, candy cane, and more.

Each game is timed for 60 seconds. That means that players have one minute to complete a task (or as many repetitions as of a task) before time is up. Depending on the size of your group, you can have everyone play individually, or divide into teams and cheer each other on as each person takes a turn playing for the team.

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Why We Love These Games

  • Great Party Games – Kids and adults will both have a blast playing these Minute to Win It Christmas games. It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained at holiday parties.
  • A Variety of Fun Activities – With 15 different fun Christmas games to choose from, you’re sure to find something that everyone loves.
  • Easy and Inexpensive – These Christmas games are played with common holiday items that you probably already have in your house. That makes them a great budget-friendly and easy holiday activity.

What’s Included

This holiday Minute to Win It includes 15 different Christmas party games, each with a different holiday theme or prop. Scroll to the end to download and print your copy of the game instructions. Then you can pick your favorites and let the games begin!

Here are the games that are included (scroll to the end for the printable list):

Snowball Toss – Players stand behind a line and toss marshmallows into a cup or bucket using a spoon. The most marshmallows in the cup in one minute wins.

Ornament Relay – Set up a relay race where players must carry and transfer ornaments using a spoon in their mouths. The team that successfully transfers the most ornaments in one minute wins. This can also be played using silver jingle bells.

Three candy canes on a white background.

Candy Cane Hook – Participants must pick up one candy cane in their mouth, then hook and pick up small objects (like plastic ornaments). Then they transfer them to a different location, moving as many as possible in a minute.

Christmas Tree Stack – Players stack and balance Christmas tree-shaped cookies (or other objects) as tall as possible within one minute.

Reindeer Antler Ring Toss – Attach inflatable reindeer antlers to a player’s head, and others must toss rings onto the antlers. The person with the most successfully ringed antlers in a minute wins.

Stocking Stuffer Challenge – Fill stockings with small, lightweight items (like ping pong balls). Participants must shake and empty the stockings as quickly as possible within a minute.

A gingerbread man with a red bow tie on a white background.

Gingerbread Cookie Face-off – Contestants place a gingerbread cookie on their forehead. Then, without using their hands, try to move it into their mouth using only facial muscles and expressions.

Frosty the Snowman Race – Have a relay race where participants must build a snowman, or dress a teammate like a snowman, by putting on winter accessories (hat, scarf, carrot nose, etc.) while wearing mittens. The first team to assemble the snowman wins.

Christmas Carol Pictionary – Instead of a physical challenge, play a holiday-themed Pictionary game. They’ll draw or act out well-known Christmas carols, and others have to guess the song within a minute.

Nutcracker Challenge – Place a bowl of nuts and a nutcracker in front of each player. They must crack and eat as many nuts as they can within one minute.

Tinsel Tangle – Hang strands of tinsel from a doorway, and participants have under a minute to pass through the tinsel without getting tangled.

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Christmas Gift Stack – Players stack presents (empty gift boxes or tissue boxes) as high as they can in a minute. If the stack topples over, they have to begin again. without the stack toppling over. You can also play this game with Christmas cards, stacking them like you would playing cards.

Santa’s Beard Challenge – Players start by putting Vaseline or a similar substance on their nose. Then they have one minute to transfer as many cotton balls as they can from one bowl to another, using only their Vaseline-covered nose.

Present Unwrapping Race – Wrap a small gift in multiple layers of Christmas wrapping paper. Participants must race to unwrap it as fast as possible, using oven mitts or gloves.

Candy Cane Limbo – Set up a limbo stick, decorated as a candy cane, in between two chairs. Participants must then limbo under it without touching it. The team with the most participants to go under in one minute wins.

A christmas printable with minute to win it game ideas

Christmas Minute To Win It Games

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