How To Trap A Leprechaun: Rooftop Garden Leprechaun Trap

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Want to know how to trap a leprechaun? This rooftop garden leprechaun trap will make it easy and if it works, you may just be able to catch that sneaky leprechaun once and for all!

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Leprechaun Trap - Trap a leprechaun in this cute rooftop garden. It's a fun St. Patrick's Day craft for both the kids and the grown ups!

It’s that time of year when leprechauns are abound. If we can manage to trap a leprechaun, we may just end up with a pot of gold! Even though I’m still cleaning up the glitter from last year’s leprechaun trap, I decided that we should go for it and make another one. After all, it’s so much fun!

Get a personalized letter from your leprechaun! Customize it with your child’s name for a fun St. Patrick’s Day surprise!

We went to Dollar Tree and since I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, I did what I usually do and wandered the store for inspiration. When I saw these cute flowers, I had to have them!

Why not use flowers to trap a leprechaun?

I had no idea what I was going to make with them but I knew they’d be perfect for something. Once I got home, I started thinking about it and somehow the idea of a rooftop garden came to mind. The best part is easy this leprechaun trap is to make.

What you’ll need…


  • A box (I used a cracker box but a large cereal box would work too)
  • 2 sheets of green construction paper (3 if you want to cover the bottom of the box)
  • 1 sheet of yellow construction paper
  • Flowers (I found mine at Dollar Tree)
  • Gold coins
  • 2 empty fruit cup containers
  • 3-5 Rainbow colored straws (I wanted to use 5 different colors but you really only need 3)
  • String
  • Toothpick (broken in half)


  • Glue gun and glue sticks (Surebonder sent me this cordless glue gun and it’s my new favorite…no annoying cord to deal with!)
  • White kids glue or glue stick (for younger kids)
  • Scissors

How To Trap A Leprechaun With A Rooftop Garden Leprechaun Trap

Luckily I still had the boxes I’d been hoarding for my Valentine’s Day boxes (welcome to the life of a blogger/box hoarder!). I grabbed the one that looked like it would work best, along with green and yellow construction paper.

Trap a leprechaun but making a fun leprechaun trap on St. Patrick's Day

I used two sheets of construction paper to wrap the box. One piece of 9×12 paper covers two sides of a cracker box.

Fold one piece of construction paper over two sides of the box.

The excess paper can either be cut off or folded over. I chose to fold it over and glue it to the box.

Glue the excess paper to the box.

Add a second sheet of construction paper and glue it to the other side of the box.

It'll take two pieces of construction paper to cover the sides and top of the leprechaun trap.

Cut the construction paper at the corners.

Cut the corners of the paper so that it can be folded down.

Fold the paper down and glue it to the top of the box. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect because it’ll be covered by flowers.

Don't worry if the top of the leprechaun trap doesn't look quite right because it'll be covered with flowers.

Take a third piece of construction paper and cut a square to cover the bottom (optional).

It's up to you if you want to cover the bottom of your leprechaun trap or not.

Using a ruler, measure 1 1/2 inch squares on yellow construction paper to make the high rise windows. If you’re using a different sized box, just make the windows whatever size works best.

Use yellow construction paper to make the windows of your leprechaun trap.

Glue the windows to the box. If the kids are younger, they can use white glue or a glue stick instead of hot glue. You can make a door with leftover paper. I just happened to have some sparkly foam scraps so I used one for the door. You can pretty much use whatever you think will look good.

Nobody would ever guess that you can trap a leprechaun with this high rise building.

Next I took two fruit cups and attached them on one side with just a pinch of hot glue. I wiggled the cups back and forth until they moved freely. The top cup needs to be able to close on top of the bottom one to trap the leprechaun inside.

Save those fruit cups because they can be used to trap a leprechaun

Glue the “trap” to the top of the building.

Glue the fruit cups to the top of the box.

Pull the flowers and gold coins off the stems, then glue them around the trap with hot glue.

Add flowers and coins to make the rooftop garden for your leprechaun trap.

Cut the straws, then glue each one to a piece of string to make a rope ladder. Your leprechaun will need this ladder to scale the building and get to the gold.

If you're going to use this to trap a leprechaun, he'll need a ladder to get to the gold.

Glue the rope ladder to the top of the box.

Glue the ladder to the top of the leprechaun trap.

You can make your own sign or use this template to print mine. There are a couple options to choose from.

These templates make great signs for a leprechaun trap.

Take a leftover piece of straw and attach the sign to your building.

Glue the gold sign to the building so the leprechaun knows where to go.

Finally, fill the cup with gold, then prop it open with a broken toothpick.

To trap a leprechaun, you'll need plenty of gold.

Now that we’ve made our leprechaun trap, maybe we’ll catch one on St. Patrick’s Day!

The leprechaun trap is complete. Now you've got what you need to trap a leprechaun.

We can’t wait to see if our plan to trap a leprechaun really works! What do you think?

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  1. So good! I also attached a camera and we saw the leporcan, but couldn’t catch it, it was too tall.

    1. Well you saw him so that’s a pretty big deal! Ours was way too sneaky and we didn’t even get a glimpse. Hopefully next year you’ll get him! 🙂

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