How To Draw Cinderella (step by step tutorial with free printable)

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Learning how to draw Cinderella is easy with this step by step tutorial! It’s the perfect activity for your princess birthday party or just a fun way to keep the little ones entertained on a rainy day.

Picture of printable for drawing The Little Mermaid

As big Disney fans, we love all the Disney characters but the princesses are by far our favorites! We’ve seen all the Disney princess movies, know all the songs and have met every single princess in person. We’ve even got the autograph book to prove it!

Cinderella meet & greet

The girls and I even love trying to stump each other at Disney princess trivia. For example, do you know what Cinderella’s real first name is? It’s Ella but in the classic folk tale, her evil stepsisters nicknamed her Cinderella. That’s because she would sleep by the fireplace to keep warm and would often wake up covered in cinders.

Speaking of names, did you know that Prince Charming’s cartoon character was never once referred to as Prince Charming in the movie? Don’t get me started…I could do this trivia stuff all day!

How To Draw Cinderella

I know we’re not the only. That’s why I thought it would be fun to share a tutorial that helps little ones learn to draw the princesses, starting with this easy Cinderella version.

This is a super simple step by step drawing tutorial and you can also scroll down for a free printable version to trace or save for later.

How To Draw Cinderella step 1

Step 1: Start with Cinderella’s head. Draw the basic shape of the face, add the puffy bangs, then the neck.

How To Draw Cinderella step 2

Step 2: For the next step, you’ll want to add Cinderella’s hair. Then draw the arms, upper body and the outline of her dress.

How To Draw Cinderella step 3

Step 3: Add a bow to Cinderella’s hair. Now draw the apron and the skirt of the dress that covers the lower part of her body.

How To Draw Cinderella step 4

Step 4: Now add facial features. Draw two small ovals or small circle shapes for the eyes, then a curved line for the mouth. Finally, add legs and feet and the last few details.

Free Printable Version

I’ve also included a free printable to make this easy Cinderella tutorial that much simpler! Printing it out for the little ones may help, so they can more easily look at it as they draw.

Smaller kids might even prefer to place the printable over a lightbox and trace. Just add a piece of drawing paper on top and when you turn on the light, it’s super easy just to trace the lines.

Print the tutorial for How To Draw Cinderella here

How To Draw Cinderella printable

Once they’ve got their very own picture of Cinderella, little artists can color it in with coloring pencils or crayons.

This activity is great way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. If you’re having a princess party, it’s perfect for that too. You can even have movie night and draw while watching the original Disney movie on Amazon.

Want to keep drawing? Learn how to draw The Little Mermaid and Snow White! Keep checking back because I have more easy step by step instructions for drawing Disney princesses on the way!

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