Simple Easter Egg Drying Tray

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Need an Easter egg drying tray for your eggs. This tray is perfect for when you want to decorate hollow Easter eggs but don’t know what to do with them while they dry. It’s easy and costs next to nothing and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

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Easter Egg Drying Tray - Want an easy way to dry Easter eggs after coloring or decorating them? This egg drying rack makes it simple to dry your Easter eggs without making a mess.

Decorating eggs for Easter? You’ll need an Easter egg drying tray so you don’t mess up all your hard work, right? I was never quite sure about the best way to let my eggs dry so for the last couple years I used a cooling rack (the kind you use for cookies). Sometimes it would leave weird lines on my eggs though and that really bugged me. I knew that I could come up with something better.

It wasn’t until I started making marbled eggs that I discovered the best way ever to dry Easter eggs. I actually figured it out in a roundabout way. The marbled eggs were MESSY and i was trying to figure out a way to dip them without getting nail polish all over my fingers.

You've got to have some kind of Easter egg drying tray when making marbled eggs like these.

Something made me think to put them on wooden skewers and it was one of my best ideas ever…no more messy fingers! Then I decided to dry them they same way I used to cool my cake pops after dipping them in chocolate. Who knew that this would turn out to be the perfect way to dry Easter eggs too.

What you’ll need:

  • Floral foam (I get mine dirt cheap from dollar stores)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wood skewers and/or toothpicks

How To Make An Easter egg drying tray

You’ll want to start with a block of floral foam. The dollar stores sell it super cheap but you can get them for next to nothing elsewhere too.

Use floral foam for the base of the Easter egg drying tray

Wrap the floral foam in aluminum foil so that when the eggs drip, most of it goes on the foil. That way you can reuse the foam again and again. If the eggs dripped a lot, I also added a layer of paper towel.

Wrap the floral foam with aluminum foil so that your Easter egg dye doesn't drip all over the foam

Depending on the type of eggs you use, there are two different ways you can dry them. If you use hard boiled eggs, you can just stick toothpicks in the foam and rest the eggs on top.

You can dry Easter eggs that are hard boiled by resting them on toothpicks

If you’re using hollowed eggs, wooden skewers are perfect. Just put one end of the stick through the hole and let the top rest against the inside of the egg so that it doesn’t slide down.

If you have hollow Easter eggs, you can use skewers to dry them

Depending on the kind of eggs you’re making, you can use toothpicks for the hollow ones too. When I made polka dot eggs, the bottom wasn’t wet so the toothpick propped it up just enough to let the glue dry.

If you just have a few spots that need to try, you can prop up your hollow Easter egg with a toothpick

I don’t know why it took me so long to think of this but this is how I’ll be drying my eggs from now on. Do you have any good egg drying tricks up your sleeve? Feel free to share!

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