Bunny And Chick Tin Can Easter Crafts

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40 minutes

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These tin can Easter crafts make an awesome craft for kids of all ages. Just grab some cans out of recycling and they can make their very own bunny and chick crafts for the holidays!

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Picture of tin can crafts with Easter bunny and chick

I love getting crafty for the holidays but for Easter, we’re usually pretty focused on the Easter egg decorating! We made everything from unicorn Easter eggs to marbled eggs with nail polish.

Tin Can Easter Crafts

This year we’re going rogue! Instead of more eggs, I’ve got these super cute tin can Easter crafts. They’re very easy to make so kids of all ages will love them. Plus, the materials are budget friendly and easy to find at dollar stores or craft stores (though I did link to Amazon if you prefer shopping the easy way).

Supplies for tin can crafts for Easter

So grab the kids and a couple of tin cans and get a little crafty for Easter!

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Bunny And Chick Tin Can Easter Crafts

Author Lisa O’Driscoll | Fun Money Mom
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Don't throw away those cans! Recycle them into these adorable bunny and chick tin can Easter crafts!



  • Wash and dry your metal cans and add a basecoat of white acrylic paint to the bottom, outside and inside edge of both cans. Let dry (if necessary, apply a second coat).
    Small and large tin can painted white
  • Add a coat of yellow acrylic paint to the smaller can. Set aside to dry.
  • Print the bunny and chick template. Trace chick feet and beak patterns onto orange craft foam and the wings onto yellow craft foam. Next, trace the bunny ears and muzzle onto white craft foam. Finally, trace the inside of the bunny years onto pink craft foam. Cut out all of the pieces.
    Cutting out craft foam for the tin can Easter crafts
  • Measure and cut six pieces of the black twine into one inch long whiskers (you can also use black craft foam for this step)3/. Using a glue gun to attach the whiskers and pom pom nose to the bunny muzzle. Add the muzzle and wiggly eyes to the white can. Attach the pink part of the bunny ears to the white and glue to the top edge of the can.
    Putting together a tin can craft for Easter
  • Now take your glue gun and glue the wiggly eyes and beak to the can. Attach an orange feather to the back of the can. Glue the wings to the sides of the chick and the feet on the bottom. Finally add an orange feather to the back of the can. (You’ll also add another feather directly in front of it, as seen in the image following this one).
    Making a chick themed tin can craft
  • Tie your ribbon into a bow, using scissors to cut triangular notches into the ends. Attach the bow under the bunny’s muzzle with your glue gun.
  • For your finishing touch, fill the bunny can with shredded white paper and the chick can with shredded yellow paper. You can also add candy, small Easter toys or anything else you like.
    Bunny and chick tin can crafts


While I linked to Amazon for your convenience, many of the craft supplies can be found for a much more budget friendly price at Dollar Tree or local craft stores.

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