Free Printable Easter Bunny Footprints

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These free printable Easter Bunny footprints are a cute and festive touch that will make Easter morning more fun than ever. The kids will love following this trail of bunny tracks that lead the way to all the Easter goodies!

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Easter bunny footprints printables with Easter candy

It’s almost time for the Easter Bunny’s annual visit! The little ones are no doubt looking forward to plenty of chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and all kinds of delicious Easter candy and treats.

Why not start a fun tradition this year. You can make your Easter celebration even more special with the additional of these cute Easter Bunny footprints.

Easter bunny footprint trail

This free printable Easter Bunny footprint template lets you print and cut sets of bunny paw prints that you can use in a variety of clever ways.

Place them around the house or in the yard as a fun way to show that the Easter Bunny stopped by. Place the prints so that they lead to the Easter baskets. Let the kids follow the bunny trail from the front door all the way to their treats. They can even lead straight to the Easter egg hunt.

LIttle girls hand collecting Easter eggs

How to Get Your DIY Easter Bunny Tracks

To get your free Easter Bunny footprints, simply select the link to download the pdf file. Then just print as many copies as you like.

Each sheet contains four sets of magical footprints. All you need to do it cut them out and place them wherever you like. I’d recommend using white cardstock and taping them down to be sure that they stay in place.

Large and small bunny footprint printables

Easter Bunny Footprints (Small)

Easter Bunny Footprints (Large)

If you don’t want to cut out multiple footprints, you can also use these to make footprint stencils. Take two bunny feet and cut out the pink sections. Lay them on the floor and sprinkle baby powder over them to make bunny prints. Pick them up, move them a few inches and sprinkle more white powder. Continue until you have a trail of footprints.

If you’re super busy and waited until the last minute to bring the bunny footprint fun to your house, check out these Easter Bunny footprint floor decals. You can buy the pre-cut bunny feet straight from Amazon – no printing or taping needed!

More Easter Fun

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Easter egg rice krispie treats on plate

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