Baby Yoda Invitations (Free Printables)

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Baby Yoda invitations are the perfect way for kids to invite all their friends to their Star Wars birthday party. Just print out these cute (and free) party invitations and you’re good to go!

Baby Yoda party invites

Everyone is obsessed with Baby Yoda these days, especially me and my girls. If you haven’t seen The Mandalorian yet, you’re totally missing out…it’s so good! We love it so much that we’ve already made Baby Yoda valentines and a Baby Yoda valentine box

Baby Yoda Invitations

Since  I was already on a roll, I figured I’d go ahead and make Baby Yoda invitations too. Who knows…we may need them for one of our own birthday parties!

Baby Yoda party invites

I love using the HP Card & Invitation Kit for all my party invitations (HP is not paying me to say that…I just REALLY love their kit!). Since the paper is glossy, you’ll want to use a fine tip permanent marker to fill out the invites. To fill out the info online before you print, this post has an easy to follow tutorial on how to add text to birthday invitation templates.

Now just pick your favorite Baby Yoda birthday invitation and print. Remember to adjust your printer settings for 5×7 photo paper.

Baby Yoda with sphere

Baby Yoda Birthday Invitations 1

Since I couldn’t decide which picture I liked best, I made another one…

Baby Yoda with balloons

Birthday Invitations 2

and another…

Baby Yoda in gift box

Birthday Invitations 3

and one more!

Baby Yoda in pod 680

Birthday Invitations 4

I finally stopped myself or I could have kept making invitations all day long! 

You can even add a fun treat by making your own chocolate frogs  or including toy frogs with the valentines. If you don’t already know, frogs are Baby Yoda’s favorite food!

Don’t forget the party decor!

Are you as obsessed with this little guy as we are? Which one of these Baby Yoda invitations is your favorite?

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Let’s be friends!

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