33 Amazing Moana Birthday Party Ideas

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Need Moana birthday party ideas for your celebration? From invitations to food and everything in between, here’s everything you need to have the perfect Moana themed party!

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Moana party ideas

Ever since Disney’s Moana came out, it’s been one of our favorite Disney princess movies. We are such big Moana fans that we can sing the whole soundtrack by heart.

That’s why we HAD to have a Moana-themed birthday party for my youngest daughter’s birthday! There was a lot to plan, from birthday invitations to games and entertainment but it was totally worth it! The party was a huge hit!

If looking for Moana birthday party ideas, this is everything you need! From table decorations and Moana themed party foods to games and activities, your little princess and her party guests will have a blast!

Here are just a few of the awesome things you’ll find…

Moana Birthday Party Ideas

  • Printable Moana Invitations
  • Moana Cakes And Cupcakes
  • Printable Moana Banner
  • Moana Jello Treats
  • Moana Cookies
  • Pineapple Palm Tree
  • Moana Goodie Bags
  • Tropical Candy Lei
  • Moana Bookmarks
  • Tamatoa Slime
  • Luau Centerpieces
  • Moana Party Games
  • Moana Coloring Pages
  • Coconut Bowling
  • Moana Thank You Cards

Check out all the ideas in detail below…

Moana Invitations

Moana birthday invitations

Featuring all your favorite characters, these free printable Moana invitations are the perfect way to invite all your guest to the party. Print them and fill them out by hand or add text to your birthday template online and print then.

Moana Cakes And Cupcakes

Moana Birthday Cake

This easy Moana Cake was so much fun to make and a big hit at the our party!

Tomatoa birthday cake

Now, if you want to talk about creative ideas, just check out this Tamatoa GIGANTIC Coconut Crab Cake! I am a huge Ashlee Marie fan and her cake creations never cease to amaze me.

Waterfall cake for Moana birthday

This Moana Cake With Waterfall is almost to pretty to eat! I love the way it’s put together and the bonus is that you get wafer treats with your cake!

Moana Heart Of Tefiti cupcakes

Sometimes cupcakes are just a whole lot easier than a big cake and you can’t go wrong with these Heart of Te Fiti Cupcakes.

Tamatoa cupcakes for a Moana themed party

What kid wouldn’t want cupcakes made of gold? These Tamatoa Cupcakes are covered in glittery gold sprinkles and make an easy dessert recipe for your party.

Tropical themed cupcakes for Moana party

These floral cupcakes are so pretty and will definitely give your dessert table a more tropical looks.

Moana Party Food Ideas

Pineapple bowl

Kids love fruit but they’re even more likely to grab a spoonful if you put it in this cool pineapple fruit bowl. It fits the tropical Moana theme AND it’s full of healthy food…a total win/win.

Moana themed party jello

How cute are these jello treats? They’re so simple but creative. Make them ahead of time or let each child make their own Moana boat.

Moana cookies

These Moana cookies are super easy to make and even more fun to eat! Dipped in green candy melts and topped with swirls and sprinkles, you can serve these Heart Of Te fiti cookies at the party or add them to your treat bags.

Healthy fruit dip for a Moana party

Here’s another cute pineapple bowl idea (great minds think alike). Instead of fruit, this one is filled with a healthy fruit dip instead. It’s tropical, fun and delicious.

Sea candy glass for a Moana birthday party theme

This edible sea glass candy is really just rock candy in all the colors of the sea!

Mango ice cream

Every party needs ice cream but why not give your ice cream a tropical twist? This easy to make mango ice cream is a perfect fit.

Moana Hawaiian Punch

If you need a good party punch, why not go with a Moana Hawaiian Punch. It’s perfect for your Moana birthday theme…as long as you don’t have white carpet!

Moana themed Hawaiian sangria mocktail

This Hawaiian Sangria Mocktail has fun tropical ingredients to help create that “island life” feeling!

Otai inspired drink for a Moana birthday party

Inspired by Otai, this Watermelon Drink is both tasty and refreshing. It would also be a fun drink for a Moana movie night!

Moana mocktail with pineapple juice and strawberries

Made with pineapple juice, strawberries and more, this easy Moana mocktail gives off all the tropical vibes!

Moana Party Favors

Pineapple goodie bag

If you have a cutting machine, you can easily make these adorable pineapple gift boxes. Fill them with tiny toys or delicious treats to take home for later.

Pineapple craft for goodie bags

No cutting machine, no problem. You don’t need one to make these adorable pineapple favor bags.

Moana Decorations

Moana birthday banner

This free printable Moana Happy Birthday banner is super festive and makes decorating for the party extra affordable (because we all love free printables, right?).

Tropical garland Moana Party decor

This tropical garland with palm leaves is so pretty that you may just want to leave it up long after the party is over.

Pineapple Palm Tree

If you want to go REALLY over the top, you can can make this cool pineapple palm tree serving tray. It’ll be the centerpiece everybody can’t stop talking about!

Pineapple decor for a Moana themed party

How adorable is this luau centerpiece? The best part is how easy it is to make! With just a few dollar store items and a pineapple, they make the perfect tropical party decor.

Floral entrance for a Moana party

Party guests will really feel the island vibes when they enter the party through this colorful floral entrance.

Moana Games And Activities

Moana paper doll craft

This Moana paper doll craft is super cute and a great way to keep the kids entertained and having fun!

Tamatoa slime for a Moana party

Make this Tamatoa slime ahead of time for the goodie bags or let the kids make their own as one of your party activities.

Moana themed lei

How cute are these colorful leis?! Filled with candy and decorated with tropical flowers, Moana would definitely approve.

Bookmarks for Moana goodie bags

Kids will love making this pretty Moana bookmark (and it may even encourage them to read more books)!

Moana printable

Coloring sheets and printables are an easy way to keep the kids busy until all the guests arrive. These Moana printables include coloring pages, a matching game, a maze and more.

Moana party game with matching shells

The best part about this seashell matching game is that it’s so easy to make. You don’t even have to draw the pictures if you don’t want to. You can use Moana tattoos inside the shells instead!

Coconut Bowling for a Moana party game

Party games are even more fun when they involve the cute but deadly Kakamora. Set up this coconut bowling game and let the kids see how many Kakamora they can “defeat”.

Moana craft boat

If you need more crafting ideas to go with your Moana birthday theme, you can’t go wrong with this cute Moana boat. It’s a fun activity that also makes a great souvenir too!

Moana Thank You Cards

free printable moana thank you cards

Once the party’s over, it’s time to thank your guest for coming. These Moana thank you cards are just what you need!

Need more party ideas and supplies? You may want to check these out…

Moana Party Decorations

Moana Party Supplies

Moana Party Pack

Grass Table Skirt

Moana Balloon Kit

Hanging Swirl Decorations

Tropical Decor

Moana table decor

Tissue Flower Garland

Colorful Moana Birthday Decorations

Tropical Imitation Plant Leaves

Hawaiian Luau Decor

Moana Party Wear For Girls

Moana Party Wear

Hawaiian Leis

Leis Wristbands &Flower Crown and Wristbands

Hula Skirts

Hibiscus Hair Clips

Moana Goodie Bags

Moana goodie bags

Goodie Bags

Party Favor Set


Moana Play Packs

Moana Cupcake Toppers

Moana cake toppers

Cake Topper Figurines

Moana Edible Cake Topper

Cupcake Rings

Moana Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers

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  1. so cute – everyone loves Moana! Our friends had a Moana party with ‘pin the coconut on the tree’ !

    1. I love that idea! If we ever do it again, that’ll definitely be one of our party games!

  2. Every kids like the cartoon creature “Moana”. I want to celebrate this kind of theme to my daughter’s birthday. I hope that she will be very happy on her birthday .

    1. This is such a fun birthday theme and I’m sure your daughter would love it 🙂

  3. “So cute” Coconut bowling is a wonderful idea. Moana cartoon creature is wonderful.

  4. Best idea for birthday party. Coconut bowling is a wonderful idea. Moana cartoon creature is wonderful.

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