How To Easily Add Text To Birthday Invitation Templates

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Have you found the perfect birthday invitation templates but aren’t sure how to add the text online? This easy tutorial for adding text to free printable invitations takes you through it step by step.

Birthday Invitation Templates can be easy to customize

This post contains affiliate links

I love free printable invitations! It’s easy to find cute birthday invitation templates online and since you’re not limited to what’s in a store, there are a lot more designs to choose from too.

The first set of invitations I ever made were these Moana invitations. I just printed and filled in all the text by hand but since I’ve learned to fill them out online, I’m totally hooked. It’s easier to do than you’d think, too. I love being able to print out my own professional looking invites on the cheap and use the the HP Card & Invitation Kit. My invites turn out great every time and now I can use the money I save on more important things…like birthday cake!

I use PicMonkey for all my editing. The reason I love PicMonkey for my birthday invitation templates is because it’s totally user friendly and easy to navigate. Though it’s is no longer free, you can get a free trial and make your invitations before your time runs out.

PicMoney is a great tool for editing birthday invitation templates

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the birthday invitation templates that you’re editing. You’ll need a jpg or png image for PicMonkey. I’m using a jpg  version of my Moana invitations as our example.

These Moana birthday invitation templates can be edited on line

The first thing you’ll want to do is download the invitation to your computer. Then go to and click the edit button at the top (see image below).

PicMonkey is great for making printable birthday invitations

It will open a window so that you can upload the invitation. Find the invitation where you downloaded it to your computer, then click. Once you have the image on the screen, look to the left and click the “Tt”.

You get a professional looking birthday invitation when you edit it online

Choose the font you like and highlight it. Then go to the top and click “add text”.

When editing free printable invitations online, you can choose from a variety of fonts

A text box will appear in the center of the invitation. Position your cursor in the box and type your text. Next, move the text box where you want your print. You can make the font bigger or smaller by using the arrows on the corners of the box.

You can also change the color of the font by clicking on the long vertical rectangle in the text overlay box (see image below). Just move the thing that looks like a medicine dropper over the font color you like. If the text box disappears for some reason, just click on add text (to the left above the font choices) and it will reappear.

Customizing a birthday invitation template doesn't have to be hard

If at any time you make a mistake and need to go back, you can hit the back arrow at the bottom of the page.

If you make a mistake on your birthday invitation, it's easy to fix

There are two ways to add the remainder of the text. One is to start each line from scratch by clicking add text for each one. I’ve actually found that it’s easier just to duplicate the text instead. Right click on the original text box (where you typed in the name…my example says Keira) to open a new box. Then click Duplicate Text. You’d need to do it four more times for this invitation.

PicMonkey is a user friendly way to customize your printable birthday invitations

Next, move the text boxes in position.

Type all the information directly on to the birthday invitation

Now you can just highlight the text in each box and fill it with the correct information.

Once your birthday invitation is finished, you can upload it straight to your computer

Once you’re finished filling out the birthday invitation, you’ll want to download it on your computer. Do this by clicking on the export button at the top.

Save your birthday invitation in a place where it'll be easy to find.

Look to the left and you’ll see a spot where you can name the invitation. Once you do that click the green “export to computer” button at the bottom.

Your printable birthday invitations can be printed on special paper to make them look professionally done.

Now you can go straight to the invitation that you’ve just downloaded and you’ve got your own printable birthday invitations. I print all my party invitations using using the HP Card And Invitation Kit and love it! Just add the 5×7 invitation paper to your printer’s photo tray and print.  Now that you know how to edit all those cool free printable invitations that you find online, you’ll have professional looking invites for every occasion!

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