Elf On The Shelf Kissing Booth (Free Printable)

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This free printable Elf On The Shelf kissing booth may just be one of our new favorite elf ideas! The kids will be so excited to find their little guy offering free kisses to all from behind this festive paper booth.

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Elf On The Shelf in kissing booth

Elf Kissing Booth

It’s that time of year, Christmas time. That can only mean one thing…the Elf On The Shelf is back!

If you’re looking for an extra cute idea for your Elf on the Shelf, you’re going to love this free printable kissing booth. The template lets you set up your Scout Elf in a fun and festive Christmas carnival scene, where he’ll offer free kisses from behind an adorable elf-sized kissing booth.

Elf on the shelf is such a fun Christmas tradition, but it can be hard to come up with new ideas every year. That’s why we love printable props and this one is free and super easy to assemble. Plus, the looks on your kids faces when they see their little guy handing out elf kisses will be priceless!

Elf Kissing Booth Pin 1200

What is the Elf On The Shelf

Also known as a Scout Elf, the Elf On The Shelf is Santa’s little helper and he’s sent to keep an eye on the kids during the holiday season. He watches to see if they’re naughty or nice and every night he flies back to the North Pole to report his findings to the big guy himself, Santa.

When he flies back the next morning, he’s never in the same spot and kids have so much fun waking up and looking for his hiding places each morning. Every day you’ll find the cute elf in a new spot, whether it’s having a snowball fight with mini marshmallows…

Elf and gnome snowball fight

or preparing his favorite North Pole breakfast, mini pancakes doused in syrup and sprinkles.

Elf On The Shelf with pancakes

When Does The Elf Arrive

Not all elves arrive on the same day. Some elves arrive on the day after Thanksgiving while others arrive on December 1st. We’re guessing that maybe the late ones stayed behind to finish up their toy making duties.

Some elves even come with their own arrival letter. In addition to the free printables on my blog, you can find a fun, customizable Elf On The Shelf arrival letter, departure letter, list of ideas to do with your elf, naughty or nice notes and more in my Etsy shop.

Elf Letters and Idea List

What are the Elf On The Shelf rules

  • Don’t touch your elf – If touched by a human, the elf will lose all his magic and can’t fly back and forth to the North Pole.
  • He can’t speak but he can listen – He loves listening so you can talk to him as much as you want. Because he has a direct line to Santa, you can also tell him what you want for Christmas.
  • He’s watching for good behavior – Since he IS always listening, it’s also the perfect way to get the kids to show off their best behavior so they don’t get reported to Santa and end up on the naughty list.
Santa putting gifts under the tree
Santa Claus putting gifts under the Christmas tree. White background.

What You’ll Need

How to assemble your Elf Kissing Booth

Start by selecting the link to download the pdf file here and print your free template. You can print everything you need on one standard sheet of cardstock.

Kissing Booth for Elf On The Shelf mockup

Next, cut out the box in the center of the template, then cut out the ‘free kisses’ sign.

Fold your paper along the vertical lines at 90-degree angles to form the sides of the booth. Then attach a toothpick to the back of the ‘free kisses’ sign and poke the bottom into a large marshmallow.

Sign for kissing booth

Finally place your Elf behind the booth so that his head is visible through the opening. You can assemble this festive scene under the Christmas tree, on a tabletop or even on the kitchen counter.

Elf Kissing Booth On Counter

You can even add a bowl of Hershey Kisses next to the display, and have your little Elf share some kisses of the chocolate variety. The whole family will enjoy it and this fun printable may become your family’s favorite Elf On The Shelf tradition yet!

Print your kissing booth here –> Elf On The Shelf Kissing Booth

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