How To Make Ghost Costumes For A Fun Family Halloween

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Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet?  If not, you’d better hurry…Halloween will be here before you know it!  I haven’t dressed up for a few years (I blame it on having a second child) but this year I’m in.  Not only do I want to dress up, I want my whole family to dress up together.  The problem is that I don’t have a lot of time to spend on it and I don’t want to spend a lot of money.  My two main requirements: simple and budget friendly.

When I saw the new Ghostbusters movie at Walmart, it gave me an idea.  Why not dress the family up as ghosts?  It would be easy to do and I could give each ghost a distinct personality like the ghosts in the movie!  If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters yet, now is the time to get it because it’s at Walmart on Blue-ray, DVD and 4K Ultra HD.  The bonus is that this is the extended edition so you’ll get 15 extra minutes (not seen in the theater version) plus over three hours of hilarious extras.


Since I was already in Walmart, I picked up the sheets for our ghost costumes (twin sized for us girls and full sized for my hubby).  When I got home, I threw them in the washer to take out the creases.  They were still a little wrinkly but it was a lot better than before and I knew it wouldn’t be noticeable once we had them on.  I grabbed a permanent marker and got to work drawing the faces.  Ashing was my first model and I put the sheet over her head to mark where the eyes should go.  Once I had the sheet positioned where I wanted it, I made a tiny mark on top of her head and one for each eye.


I drew the eyes, making the black part align where the actual eyes would be.


Now her ghost needed a mouth so she could “Boo” people!


I cut small holes in the black part of the eye so that she wouldn’t be a fumbling ghost.


Since Ashling is such a great artist, that was the theme we wanted for her costume.  Since every great artist needs a painter’s palette, that was next on the to-do list.  I cut some black poster board into a palette shape, then cut pieces of construction paper to look like paint.

I glued the “paint” on and voila, we had a painter’s palette.  All our artist needed was a beret to finish off the look.


Next up was our little princess. Of course, you can’t be a princess without fancy shoes, a wand and a beautiful crown.

The mommy ghost likes to wear super cute shoes and purses, though these days you’re more likely to find her in yoga pants and flip flops!

Finally, daddy ghost is the grillmaster.  I was going to add real BBQ splotches to the front of the apron but found that the brown construction paper showed up much better.  I glued the paper on with hot glue and put it on the apron very lightly so that it would come off easily.  The look wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of BBQ sauce and grilling tools.

Now that the ghost costumes were finished, it was time to gather for a family portrait.


It’s funny because this is actually the first family portrait we’ve had in awhile!  Scary, huh?

Speaking of family, this is also a great time to sign up for Walmart Family Mobile.  Not only do we buy all our Halloween supplies at Walmart but we just bought the LG K7 for the awesome rollback price of $49.88 (it’s usually $89.88).  I also got the Nano starter kit and since Family Mobile bills you later, that means I only had to pay $19.88 to sign up.


I signed up for the Walmart Mobile Family PLUS Plan because I love saving money and it’s a great deal.  You get unlimited talk, text & data (including 10GB of 4G LTE),  plus they’ll give a you a free VUDU movie (worth $7) every month for each line.  I can already see all the family movie nights snuggled in front of the TV!  You’ll get all that with the plan and pay just $49.88 a month.


I don’t know about you but I can always use extra data!  I use my phone to listen to music, surf the internet, work on blog stuff and so much more…and that’s just when my kids haven’t kidnapped my phone to play games and watch You Tube videos.

Here’s another bonus…

Activate a new line on any plan through October 31st and you’ll get a free download of the Ghostbuster Virtual Reality Experience.  You can become a virtual Ghostbuster and fire a proton pack while staring down a ghost straight in the eye…are you brave enough?  You can also attend one of the WFM in store events to see Ghostbusters Virtual Reality first hand.  Just visit one of the demos at Walmart or purchase a Walmart Family Mobile product to get the code.  Then go to to register and redeem your code.  Finally, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You can also attend an in-store event where Walmart Family Mobile will explain how to activate a new line and take part in the free Ghostbusters Virtual Reality Experience.  You’ll find a brochure with details on the plan and VR experience, plus a plastic 3D hologram.  Check the Walmart Family Mobile page to find an event in your area.


I left the costumes out and when I saw them the next day, I decided to have some more fun.  I added rosy cheeks to my little princess and since my artist was way too clean, I messed her up with a little paint.  After all, art is supposed to be messy, right?


Does your family like to have regular movie nights?  If so, what free VUDU movies would you watch together?

Let’s be friends!

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  1. How did you see out of them?

    1. I cut holes for the eyes 🙂

  2. Did the costumes move arond while trick or treating? I want to do this but wondering if th
    E sheets moved around and my kids would have to keep adjusting to be able to look out.

    1. Hi Edith,
      I’ve found it’s almost impossible to get sheets to stay completely in place when you wear them as ghost costumes and they will shift a little bit. It does help if you cut them a little shorter though 🙂

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