Indoor PE Game For Kids

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This indoor PE game is the perfect brain break for kids. When they need to recharge and take a break from schoolwork for a bit, it’s a fun way to get them active and moving around.

I never thought I’ve be a homeschooling mom but well, due to circumstances beyond my control, that’s exactly what I’ve become. Luckily everything is online but it’s still been a learning process and sometimes we just need a good brain break.

Indoor PE Game For Kids

This indoor PE game is the perfect distraction. All you need are some dice and you’re good to go. Just click on the image below to print and grab some dice to play.

Indoor PE Game For Kids

Indoor PE Game For Kids

After sitting on the computer all morning, it’ll do my girls some good to run in place or do some jumping jacks. Just roll a die and do what the card tells you (it’s good for the grownups too!).

Since we’re all homeschooling these days, just count  this as P.E. class for the day! What fun ideas do you have for keeping your kids active during the day?

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If you want to squeeze in an art lesson after PE, the kids will have fun making these toilet paper roll crafts! The best part is that you probably already have the supplies you need on hand.

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You can also squeeze in some science lessons with these fun indoor activities for kids. You’ll find everything from how to make  rainbow slime to how to build a catapult. The best part is that the kids won’t even realize they’re learning…they’ll just think they’re having a little fun!

Need to get outside and enjoy some fresh air? These fun outdoor games for kids are perfect for a little backyard fun.

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