Cat Valentine Cards (Free Printables)

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These Cat Valentine Cards are an adorable addition to your kids’ school Valentine’s Day celebrations. They’re the perfect greeting cards for little cat lovers to exchange with their friends!

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Printable Cat Valentine's Day cards for kids

Cute Cat Valentines Day Cards

It’s almost time for those school Valentine’s Day parties, which means you’ll need lots of cute cards for the kids to exchange. These adorable cat valentines are an easy and inexpensive options that kids will love!

This free printable contains two different sets of cat-themed valentines, each with six different designs. One has funny cat themed Valentines Day messages, while the other just says “Happy Valentine’s Day.” There’s a space for your child to sign their name, and they can write a longer message on the back of the card.

A black cat is holding a red heart.

Why We Love These Cards

Free – Buying cards for a whole classroom can get expensive, but these cat cards are just as nice as store-bought cards, and they’re completely free!

Convenient – All you need is a printer and some scissors, and you can have the cutest cards in the classroom without ever leaving your house.

Cute and Festive – Cat lovers will go crazy for these adorable kitten valentine designs. They’re perfect for any classroom card exchange!

How to Get Your Copy

To get your free kitty valentines, simply click the link below to download the pdf file and print as many as you need. I like to use cardstock so that they feel more like store-bought cards, but regular paper is just fine too.

Cut out your cards and have the kids sign them. Then they can deliver them on their own or with a cute little gift like a box of conversation hearts or a piece of chocolate.

Printable Cat Valentine's Day cards for kids with blank background

Cat Valentines

Need a valentine box to go along with your cards? Check out these adorable Valentine Box Ideas!

More Free Printable Valentine Cards

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