Disney Princess Room Decorating Ideas

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Looking for the cutest Disney Princess room decorating ideas? After two dream bedrooms of our own, I’ve bought everything from fairy tale beds to wall murals and I had so much fun with the princess room decor, I’d do it all over again! Keep reading to see all of my favorite Disney Princess bedroom ideas!

Pictures of decor for a Disney princess room

I always knew that I had to have at least one little girl! Why? Because of pink bows and Disney princesses!

Well, when I finally had my first girl, I may have gone a little crazy with the princess theme, especially the pink bedroom. There were Disney princesses everywhere and pink walls everywhere you looked. I mean, the whole room was so pink that when the sun came through the bedroom window, even the hallway outside was pink!

If you think I’m exaggerating, just check out these old pictures!

Planning this Disney princess room was so much fun, that I did the same Disney theme when I had my second daughter. The best part is that there’s so much princess decor to choose from! From princess prints to a crystal chandelier, you’ll find everything that you need for the cutest girl’s bedroom ever!

Disney Princess Room Decorating Ideas

Here are a few things you’ll want to start with…

  • Disney Princess Bed
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Curtains
  • Wall Decals
  • Lighting
  • Art
  • Decor

Ready to get decorating? You’re going to love these…

Disney Princess Beds

The first thing we bought for our themed bedroom was the bed. As soon as I saw this carriage bed, I knew it was perfect!

Princess carriage bed

There are different styles to choose from but this was the carriage bed we bought for my daughter. It made the perfect Cinderella bed and was the focal point of the room! It even survived two moves, so it’s not as hard to put together as it looks. Put a Disney princess carriage bed canopy over the top to make it extra special!

This carriage toddler bed not only converts to a twin size as your little one grows, it also comes complete with a handy bench and toybox.

You can never go wrong with classic canopy beds, right? What little princess wouldn’t have sweet dreams snuggled up in this pink canopy bed! Add a frilly pink canopy and she’ll be sleeping in style!

Princess Bedding

You’ll also need the right bedding…

This princess bedding features Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel as well as colorful Disney inspired sheets.

The silhouette bedding set may just be my favorite. I think the silhouettes are unique and elegant and I love the pillow cases too. I’d put it on my bed but I think my hubby might have something to say about that!

This Disney bedding, featuring Aurora, Rapunzel and Belle, is great if you’re going for a light and airy look.

Disney Princess Castle Dreams Bedding

If you still have a toddler bed, this Disney princess castle dreams bedding is absolutely adorable and so perfect for little princesses!

If you want princess specific bedding, I found some great choices for the following favorites: Tiana, Ariel, Jasmine, Moana, Rapunzel, Cinderella,

Need curtains to match? I loved our sheer curtains. They were similar to these pink curtains and were a great choice because they matched all the other pink!

Disney Princess Wall Decals

These Disney princess decals may just be one of the best Disney princess room decorating ideas ever! We loved all the large ones like this Cinderella one below and we bought wall stickers to feature as many different princesses as we could.

One thing you should know is that these larger ones come in multiple pieces and you put them together yourself as you place them on the wall. It’s kind of like doing a puzzle but it can take a little while to get everything matched perfectly. It’s totally worth it in the end though because it adds a little something extra to your Disney bedroom.

When it comes to the decals, you can find everything from small decals to full on princess murals. It just depends on the look you’re going for and the size of your walls.

Putting wallpaper border up around the room adds extra special touch to any princess room. We really loved the way it looked in ours!

If you want Disney princess wallpaper, this wallpaper mural will look amazing in any princess room!

Princess Art

If you’d like more traditional artwork instead of decals, there’s plenty to choose from. These are just a few of my favorites but all you have to do is look around and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands more.

This princess art features inspiring quotes from some of our favorite princesses. These princess prints would also go nicely with the silhouette bedding above.

Watercolor Disney princess art

These adorable watercolor pictures come with a bonus. You not only get all the princesses but you’ll also get Tinkerbell, Alice In Wonderland and more.

You know I can’t resist more pink! This pink wall art would look beautiful in any princess room.

I found a lot of these on Amazon but Etsy also has a great selection of gorgeous princess artwork!


Choosing lighting is always fun, whether you’re looking for a beautiful chandelier or small table lamp. Any of these lighting ideas will give the room a royal look.

Chandelier for princess room

This princess inspired chandelier is perfect for those, like me, who think you can never have too much pink!

While this heart shaped light isn’t specifically meant for a princess room, the pale pink color and the heart shapes definitely give it a princess feel.

What little girl wouldn’t love this adorable carriage themed princess lamp!

Want to get a little fancier with your table lamps? Try this tabletop chandelier lamp!

Princess Furniture

Every princess needs a throne, right? With Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Ariel, this princess chair makes the perfect spot for a reading area or watching favorite Disney princess movies.

I seriously love this pink crown shaped chair! It’s so stylish and is the perfect choice for any little girl’s room, princess themed or not. If you want to go all out, you can get the matching chaise lounge too!

It’s a toy box and a chaise lounge rolled into one. You can never have enough extra space for toys. This is a great idea for getting both plenty of storage and a comfortable place to relax too.

How perfect is this Disney princess flip out sofa. She can sit in it and read or flip it out when she wants to relax and watch a movie. It’s also a great extra “bed” for a sleepover.

Toy organizers are an absolute necessity for any kids room and of course you’ll want one with a princess them. This princess toy organizer has multiple compartments to help kids keep their play area neat and organized, IF they actually remember to put their toys in it.

For larger princess rooms, this pink play tent makes a great addition because it’s the perfect pretend princess castle! Little princesses can have fun playing make believe, reading or throwing tea parties.

More Disney Princess Decor

Snow White and friends help keep track of how fast your little princess is growing with this peel and stick Disney themed height chart.

Night lights are a must have for most kids. How cute would it be for your little one to fall asleep with her favorite princesses watching over her? She can with this princess themed wall projector.

Light switch covers

Maybe if I’d had these light switch covers, my girls would have remember to turn off the lights more often! There are even outlet covers to match.

Though our cats seemed to think this hamper was a fort for them to play in, our princess hamper was also occasionally used for dirty clothes too!

Little artists can draw all their favorite Disney characters with this colorful princess easel.

My daughters loved having a just-their-size princess table and used it for everything from tea parties to coloring Disney princess coloring pages.

Every little girl needs her name spelled out in Disney princess letters, right? Count yourself lucky if your daughter has a short name like Ava or Zoe…it’ll save you some money!

If you have hardwood floors, you’ll want a rug in your princess room. This Disney princess rug features favorites like Rapunzel and Ariel…and keeps your feet warm too!

I hope you have as much fun with these decor ideas as I did! There are so many cute princess themed bedroom ideas to choose from but whatever you come up with, your little princess will love her new dream room.

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