DIY Ring Toss Game For Spring

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40 minutes

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This cute DIY ring toss game is a fun spring activity that the kids are going to love. Even better, it’s made with Ring Pop Lollipops so they can enjoy a sweet treat when the game is over. Everybody’s a winner!

Ring Toss Game Pin 1

I get so excited when spring arrives every year!  We may not have to deal with snow in Florida, but we still get some chilly days in the winter and I love being able to open up all the windows and sit on my back porch enjoying the view.

It’s also the time of year when things slow down for my hubby at work and we’re able to spend more family time together. Sometimes we’ll cook together or snuggle up for a movie night, but we recently came up with something even more fun…a combined crafting and game night! 

DIY Ring Toss Game

Our inspiration came from the Ring Pop Party Starters initiative. There are so many fun ways to incorporate Ring Pop Lollipops into activities at home, and I wanted to do it with a spring-themed ring toss game. They’d not only be the perfect size for catching our rings, but they just make everything  sweeter!

Ring Pops


I knew my girls would also love these Ring Pop Gummy Gems. They’re great for snacking on as you play!

Ring Pop Gummy Gems

Ring Pop Lollipops come in so many different colors and flavors that every kid can have their favorite (and the grownups, too). The watermelon and blue raspberry are pretty delish, but I go straight for the strawberry flavor every time. If you like sour candy, you’ll definitely want to try the Ring Pop Sours lollipops!

Ring pops with flowers from above

Of course the candy was the most important part of our ring toss game, but we also needed a few more supplies. We couldn’t make a spring craft without flowers, right? The beauty of this craft is that you don’t need much to get started… just a white foam tri fold board, foam flowers, and artificial flowers.

Materials for ring toss game

I grabbed one of my favorite crafting partners and she was more than eager to help. She knew there might be a Ring Pop involved and she’s all about the candy! Before we could get started, we needed to open the Ring Pop packages, and I didn’t have to ask her twice!

Keira opening Ring Pop packages

Now we were ready to get started…

Ring Toss Game feature
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DIY Ring Toss Game

Author Lisa O'Driscoll | Fun Money Mom
Additional Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
This spring themed ring toss game makes a fun activity for all ages!


  • White tri fold foam board
  • 9 Ring Pop lollipops
  • 9 large foam flower shapes (6.25 inches)
  • Artificial flowers
  • Bracelets any kind that will hold their circular shape
  • Plastic wrap


  • Take nine foam flowers and place them across the center panel of the foam board. I do this first so I can be sure they're spaced evenly.
  • Use hot glue to attach craft foam to the center panel (this is a job for mom). Don't use the glue directly in the center of the flower because you'll be cutting through the center. I placed a small drop on the bottom of each petal.
    Flowers on white foam board
  • Using a craft knife or box cutter (another job just for mom), make a slit in the center of each flower. Be sure that it's big enough that the base of the Ring Pop can slide through.
    Cutting slits in foam flowers
  • Separate the flowers from their stems (this was a great job for Keira).
  • One by one, add hot glue.
    Putting hot glue on flowers
  • Glue flowers along the border of the center panel.
    Gluing flowers to foam board for ring toss game
  • Cover the "gem" of each Ring Pop with plastic wrap so the bracelets don't get sticky.
    Holding ring pop for ring toss game
  • Push the base of each Ring Pop through the slits in the foam flowers.
  • Now you're ready to play!

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Keira was super proud of our creation and couldn’t wait to play!

Keira holding the ring toss game

She was even more excited when she saw the “rings” that we were tossing. I also bought pretty bracelets that they could wear once the game was over.

Bracelets for ring toss game

Playing The Game

I don’t know who had more fun playing our new game, the parents or the kids! Keira’s pretty competitive and she was determined to win (she’d been practicing). We each  got six throws and whoever hooked the most rings out of six was the winner.

They say that practice makes perfect, and it definitely worked for Keira. She was our ring toss champion (and VERY proud of herself)!

Ring Toss Champion

The flowers looked so cute with a Ring Pop in the middle of each one! The best part is that when the game is over, everyone gets to eat the candy! The girls loved playing the game and I see a lot more Ring Pop competitions in our future!

Ring Pop candy up closeAre you going to join in the Ring Pop Party Starters fun, too? 


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