25+ Cute Pumpkin Ideas The Whole Family Will Love

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These cute pumpkin ideas are just what you need for a little fall fun! From a Jack Skellington pumpkin to Hello Kitty, the kids AND the grownups will have a blast with these creative Halloween pumpkins!

It’s that time of year again! I love Halloween because it’s when I spend all my spare time making cute no carve pumpkins. I may be a little terrified (okay, more than a little) to cut into a real pumpkin. I’m all about decorating pumpkins without knives involved and plus, who wants to deal with messy pumpkin guts, right?

That’s because I’ve discovered these cool styrofoam craft pumpkins. There are so many fun ideas that you can create and I’m always trying to outdo the pumpkin designs from the previous year. As soon as these hit the stores, I totally stock up! (You can get them on Amazon but they’re only $1 at Dollar Tree.)

For the past several years, I’ve even been sharing my fun pumpkin creations on our local morning show, Suncoast View. It’s always a great time but I always feel the pressure to make TV worthy pumpkins (though I’m totally up to the challenge).

Suncoast View No Carve Pumpkin ideas

This year I have a new favorite, my Baby Yoda pumpkin. I mean, how can you not love this little guy, right?

There are plenty more to choose from though, whether you’re into Harry Potter or Jack Skellington. Just grab a pumpkin and click the link for the full tutorial. The whole family will have a blast creating these cute pumpkin projects.

Cute Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween

No Carve Baby Yoda Pumpkin

Baby Yoda Pumpkin

Are you as obsessed with Baby Yoda as we are? This Baby Yoda pumpkin was so much fun to make and may just be our new favorite no-carve pumpkin!

Minion pumpkin with bananas

Minion Pumpkin

Kids of all ages will love making this mischievous little guy. Made with just some paint and a few simple craft supplies, he’s not only fun but he’s budget friendly too!

Harry Potter Pumpkin feature

Harry Potter Pumpkin

We are equally obsessed with Harry Potter! I made a Golden Snitch pumpkin a couple years ago but thought it was high time I made a Harry Potter pumpkin to go along with it!

A cute pikachu pumpkin sitting on a table next to Halloween decorations.

Pikachu Pumpkin

This playful pumpkin will be a hit for sure. It’s perfect for the kid who’s into all things Pokemon!

Shark painted pumpkin on top of fishing net with shells

Shark Pumpkin (Baby Shark)

This shark pumpkin is so easy and cute. Little ones will love making their favorite baby shark and to the older ones, it’s just a fun shark pumpkin. That makes it perfect for kids of all ages!

Pumpkin Diorama feature

Dollar Tree Diorama Pumpkin

Technically I guess this isn’t a no carve pumpkin since I did cut it. I was actually trying to carve Spookley The Square Pumpkin but didn’t realize it was hollow. At first I was going to toss it but then thought I’d try making a Halloween diorama. My girls LOVED this cute idea and had a great time making their own!

Emoji no carve pumpkin ideas

Emoji Pumpkins

I had a blast making these emoji pumpkins, though I’m still trying to figure out how to make the poop emoji that my five year old loves so much! The best part is that once you have the pumpkin, the only supplies you’ll need are a few different colors of acrylic paint.

Spiderman pumpkin with a trick or treat sign

Spiderman Pumpkin

You’ll be the superhero when you share this cool Spiderman pumpkin craft with the kids! Who doesn’t love Spiderman, right?

Frankenstein Pumpkin

Frankenstein Pumpkin

Nothing says Halloween like Frankenstein and this no carve pumpkin will get you and the kids ready for some creepy fun!

Butterfly Pumpkin

From orange styrofoam pumpkin to a beautiful butterfly! This butterfly pumpkin may just be one of our prettiest creations yet!

Bumblebee Pumpkin

Our butterfly pumpkin needed a friend and what could be more perfect than this cute bumblebee?

Crayon no carve pumpkin ideas

Crayon Pumpkin

Melting crayons over a pumpkin might just be one of my favorite Halloween pumpkin ideas ever! It might be messy but it sure was fun. The best part is that no two ever turn out the same.

This is one of the few pumpkin ideas that doesn’t work with the styrofoam pumpkin though. You’ll need a real one or a faux pumpkin made from harder materials.

Black Cat Pumpkin feature

Black Cat Pumpkin

It’s not Halloween without black cats, right? We’re cat lovers anyway so my girls loved it when I made this black cat pumpkin. It was super easy and really fun to make…everybody should have a black cat pumpkin for Halloween!

Unicorn Pumpkin

Unicorn Pumpkin

Pumpkin painting ideas don’t get much prettier than this colorful unicorn pumpkin! A little paint and some flowers turn this into one of the prettiest pumpkins yet!

Golden Snitch Pumpkin feature

Golden Snitch Harry Potter Pumpkin

Love Harry Potter? Why not make a Harry Potter themed pumpkin for Halloween.

Spider Pumpkin Feature

Cute Spider Pumpkin

Who says spiders are scary? This spider pumpkin couldn’t be any cuter!

Disney inspired cute pumpkin idea with Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Pumpkin

I’m never really sure if he’s a Halloween or Christmas character but since he has creepy written all over him, we’ll keep Jack Skellington linked to Halloween.

Sally Skellington Pumpkin Feature

Sally Skellington Pumpkin

We made Jack first, but then he needed a partner. Now he’s got this Sally Skellington pumpkin to keep him from being lonely!

Cute pumpkin idea featuring Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Pumpkin

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty, right? This cute Hello Kitty pumpkin is a fun addition to our pumpkin collection!

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin feature

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

We’re a little Disney obsessed in my house and this adorable Minnie Mouse pumpkin makes the perfect Halloween craft for Disney lovers!

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin feature

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

You can’t have Minnie without Mickey, right? This Mickey Mouse pumpkin is a super cute and easy pumpkin decorating idea for Halloween!

Bat Pumpkin Feature

Bat Pumpkin

We love bats for Halloween and it seemed like the perfect choice for our next no carve pumpkin!

Mummy pumpkin

Mummy Pumpkin

This mummy pumpkin is super easy to make so even very young kids can have fun with this one. You just need some white paint, gauze and oversized googly eyes for a little Halloween fun!

Caramel Apple Pumpkin

Silly Caramel Apple Pumpkin

This was inspired by a trip to the grocery store and all the delicious looking caramel apples that were on display!

Cinderella no carve pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkin

This didn’t start out as a Cinderella pumpkin. I just really liked this blue paint that we had left over from painting my daughter’s bedroom. I glued a few strands of “diamonds” to it, then some larger gems. When I was finished, Cinderella was the first thing that came to mind. What do you think?

Metallic no carve pumpkin ideas

Metallic Polka Dot Pumpkin

When I came across pink metallic paint in the craft store, I knew it had to make it’s way into one of my crafts. You can never go wrong with polka dots and this fun pumpkin is great for both younger and older children.

Teal Pumpkin Feature

Peacock Inspired Teal Pumpkin

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t actually inspired by a peacock. It kind of happened by accident but when all was said and done, we all agreed that this did look like a peacock. It was done in a hurry because I wanted to create a pumpkin to raise awareness for the Teal Pumpkin Project. Don’t know what that is? Find out all about it, then make your own peacock pumpkin for Halloween.

Spiderweb no carve pumpkin ideas

Spiderweb Pumpkin

Sometimes when I make a mistake, it turns out better than what I’d originally planned. That’s exactly what happened with this Spiderweb Pumpkin. See what mistake was that I made and tell me if you think it was an improvement or not.

Glitter no carve pumpkin ideas

Fireworks Inspired Glitter Pumpkin

This was another pumpkin that I started making with no clear idea of where I was going with it. I just knew that I wanted a pumpkin covered in glitter. By the time I was finished, we all agreed that it looked like exploding fireworks.

Sparkly no carve pumpkin ideas

Dollar Tree Pumpkin

A little spray paint and some sparkly ribbon and I was able to turn an ugly styrofoam pumpkin into something pretty. See what it looked like before I got started.

There are no shortage of fun ways to decorate a pumpkin and trick-or-treaters will love seeing these on your front porch!

Want to try a carved pumpkin too? You’ll need a good pumpkin carving kit and some easy pumpkin carving ideas!

More Halloween Ideas

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