Best Father’s Day Treat For The Sports Loving Dad

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Does the man in your life love sports? If so, he’s going to love it when you give him a sports themed marshmallow Father’s Day treat!

Does the man in your life love sports? Make him these deliciousIf so, hes' going to love indulging in a baseball or football shaped marshmallow treat for Father's Day!

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My hubby is pretty obsessed with Rice Krispie treats!  He’s usually not much for sweets but he makes an exception for these.  He’s a sports lover too so I thought it might be fun to combine the two into one delicious Father’s Day treat!  It’s definitely better than a new tie, right?

Originally I was just planning to make football themed treats.  Then I realized that I’d probably have some smaller pieces left when I cut out the footballs.  Easy solution: I’d make baseballs too!  The only problem was that I didn’t have a baseball cookie cutter.  Instead of a trip to the store dragging two kids along with me, I did a little digging and came up with this Christmas ornament.  Perfect!  Once I cut off the top, I had my baseball.

You'll need cookie cutters for this Father's Day treat

First step, of course, is to make the Rice Krispie treats. Once you’ve made the recipe, spray a glass pan with cooking spray, pour your mixture in and spread it evenly.  Refrigerate for about 15 minutes or until it’s firm enough to cut out your shapes without making a big, gooey mess.

Your Father's Day treat can be whatever shape you'd like

Melt some Light Cocoa Candy Melts (I’m a little obsessed with candy melts these days), then cover the footballs.  I actually frosted the bottom of the shapes because they were flatter than the top. Next, melt White Candy Melts and do the same with the baseballs.

Every Father's Day treat tastes better with candy melts

I used cake decorating tips and red and white candy melts to add the details to the balls.  If you don’t have cake decorating bags, just cut a small corner off a sandwich bag and add your melted candy and squeeze it out the corner.  Now your delicious Father’s Day treats are ready for dad to enjoy!

Dad is going to love this delicious Father's Day treat

You can make this Father's Day treat with whatever theme you'd like.

Do you have a sports loving man at home? Is the way to his heart through his stomach too? Then he will love these sweet treats.

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