How To Make Friendly Easter Egg Monsters

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Looking for a fun Easter egg decorating idea? Your kids are going to love making these friendly Easter egg monsters!

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Easter Egg Monsters - Your kids will love decorating Easter eggs if they look like these cute Easter egg monsters!! #Eastereggs #eastercrafts

You know how when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade? Well, I did that. Sort of! I’m in the middle of an Easter egg making binge for my next Suncoast View appearance and sometimes things haven’t gone exactly as planned. I was on a roll…I loved my Disney Princess Easter eggs and my marbled eggs turned out great too. Unfortunately, the streak did NOT continue.

Ever had a vision of something that was going to be the most amazing thing ever, then it’s not? That’s what happened to me and to make a long story short, I ended up with broken eggs.

Who knew that these broken eggs would turn into Easter egg monsters?!

I was actually about to break these up even more for my mosaic Easter eggs (coming soon), but something about them screamed monster to me. Time to make lemonade!

First I had to figure out how to get them to stand upright. I went through my craft supplies and found these glass marbles. Gluing them to the bottom of the eggs did the trick.

I used glass marbles to keep the monster Easter eggs upright

How easy are these? All I had to do was glue on some googly eyes and add circles with permanent markers and the monsters were finished.

Wiggle eyes and markers turned these broken eggs into Easter egg monsters.

I love how cute these turned out. Who knew that a failed project could turn into such a fun Easter egg decorating idea. The monsters just needed one more thing…monster food. Since I didn’t have any monster food on hand, jellybeans did the trick just fine.

These Easter egg monsters looked even more cute with a mouth full of jellybeans

So if your first idea doesn’t work out, make some lemonade…or Easter egg monsters!

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  1. how would i intentionally break the plastic eggs without totally ruining them?

    1. I actually used real eggs for these. I think it would be more difficult with plastic ones.

  2. ♡ c o t t o n♡ says:

    sooo kawiii!!!! sooo cuteeee~

    1. Thanks! We love them too 🙂

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