The Best Outdoor Games For Kids

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These fun outdoor games for kids are the perfect way to get the kids off their computers and playing in the backyard instead!

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It’s summer…time for the kids to spend all their days playing outside with their friends! At least that’s how it was when I was a kid. Now my girls would play with their friends all day via computer if I let them.

A little technology is fine and I don’t even mind them playing this cute Indoor PE Game. I still want them to spend more time outdoors though. That’s why I’m loving these fun outdoor games for kids. It encourages them to go outside and also gives them more to do than just run around and do cartwheels.

Plus, many of these games are perfect for neighborhood get-togethers and summer parties! This outdoor scavenger hunt and these beach games are great for some backyard fun too!

While the grown-ups sit around and chat, the kids could be playing Jenga, having a sack race or just racing around on scooters. If you’re looking for the best outdoor games for kids, check these out…

Giant Outdoor Games

4 in a row outdoor game

This giant 4 In A Row game from Go Sports keeps my girls busy game after game! There aren’t really any rules…just get four red or blue discs in a row vertically, diagonally or horizontally. It’s easy to learn and fun for everyone. I can’t lie, even I get a little competitive when it comes to this one.

Giant Jenga Outdoor Games

If you think regular Jenga is fun, you’re going to love this Giant Jenga Game! This one stacks to over 5 feet, making it great for older kids. If you’ve got younger players, there’s a shorter version that stacks to just over 4 feet. 

Giant Horseshoes outdoor game for kids

Horseshoes are even more fun when they’re oversized, don’t you think? This Giant Horseshoes Set makes the perfect outdoor lawn game.

Giant flying disc

My girls love these Giant Flying Discs, probably because it’s the only kind that I can actually catch and throw back! We always have fun with them (and they’re great for the beach too!). 

Inflatable Bowling Set

Lawn bowling is always a fun outdoor game for kids, especially when you play with this giant Inflatable Bowling Game. You may even get an assist on a windy day!

More Outdoor Games

These games might be a little smaller but they pack giant fun!

Ringer Darts Outside Game For Kids

Let’s face it…darts are fun but in the hands of kids, super dangerous. I sure wouldn’t want to be around if my seven year old decided to take up playing! This Ringer Darts Toss Game is much safer and a whole lot more fun! (Or you can make your own Ring Toss game)

Ladder Toss Outdoor Yard Game

This Ladder Toss Game is great for kids of all ages, from toddler to grownup. 

Molkky Game Set

I hadn’t heard of Molkky until recently but this Finnish throwing game has become pretty popular. As an added bonus, it helps with counting skills!

Cornhole is one of the all time best outdoor games for kids

When you want fun outdoor games, you can never go wrong with Cornhole. It’s another one of those games that kids will play all day long.

Active Fun

Globber Scooters

If you really want to get the kids moving,  here’s how you do it!

While it’s not technically a game, nothing says outdoor fun more than scooters! Kids will want to ride around on these Globber Three Wheeled Primo scooters all day and it’s the perfect way to get the kids out of the house and doing something active. Not only do they come in multiple fun colors but they have an easy to adjust 3 height T-bar so the scooter can grow as your child grows.

Globber Evo 4 in 1

Globber also makes this cool Evo 4 in 1 Scooter that converts from ride-on to walking bike to scooter. Kids just push a button to switch between the different modes. Plus, the steering system can be fixed so that the scooter can only go forward or backward, teaching kids balancing skills as they play. Check out the Globber page to see the rest of their scooters. 

Inflatable Rolling Outdoor Game For Kids

If anything will get kids to work up a sweat, this Giant Inflatable Roller should do it. They’ll feel like hamsters in their own hamster wheel!

Sack races make one of the best outdoor games for kids

I remember sack races from when I was a kid and they never go out of style! This 6 piece Sack Race is fun for just two kids to goof around or pull them out when you’ve got a group for relay races.

Outdoor games for kids don't get much better than this American Ninja Warrier Competition

Put your kids to the test with this American Ninja Warrior Competition. Set up this obstacle course in the back yard and watch them go!

Kickball game for kids

Who remembers this game from their childhood? I always loved the PE days when we played kickball and I think my girls will have just as much fun with this Supersized Kickball Game

Want more outdoor fun? The kids will love these Disney themed ideas too!

Finding Dory Outdoor Games

Cars Outdoor Race Course

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