Primo® Water Dispenser: 7 Reasons Why Every Family Needs One

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This post is sponsored by Primo® but my love for their water dispenser and refillable water bottles is 100% my own!

Wondering if a Primo water in-home dispenser is a good fit for your family? Find out why we love ours and all the benefits that come along with it.

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There are times when I’ll buy something for my kitchen that never ends up getting used (I’m talking to you, dusty crockpot). However, sometimes I’ll get something new and wonder how I ever lived without it! That’s exactly how I felt when we got our new Primo Water Dispenser!

Primo Water Dispenser

My hubby and I had always wanted an in-home water dispenser. You never know what you’re getting in your tap water and though I’d like to think it’s safe, I’ve seen news reports that say otherwise. Like most parents, we don’t want to take any chances when it comes to our family. That’s why we’ve decided to REsolve and REfill this spring with a new Primo water dispenser. 

Primo Water Dispenser

Primo has a good selection of in-home water dispensers and we went with the Smart Touch Deluxe Bottom Loading dispenser and BPA-free refillable water bottles. I ordered mine online but they’re also pretty easy to find at big box retail stores.

When our dispenser arrived, we had just the spot for it. It fit perfectly in a small corner next to our refrigerator.

Primo Water Dispenser next to kitchen

While we were excited about the high quality water, I quickly found that there were many more reasons to love having a Primo water dispenser in our kitchen. These are just a few…

Environmentally Friendly

One of the great things about using refillable water bottles is that they’re environmentally friendly. Until recently, we used a lot of plastic water bottles and even though we did our best to recycle, that’s still a lot of plastic waste going out into the environment. For each 5-gallon water bottle we use, we’re saving up to 1,100 single-use water bottles from ending up in a landfill or even worse, the ocean!

Water Dispenser and refillable jug

They’re easy to refill too. When our bottles are empty, I just toss them in the back of the car and head to my closest Primo refill station.  I entered my zip code into the store locator and found one minutes away at our local Walmart. You can find both indoor and outdoor refill stations at many grocery stores too.

Primo Water Locator

Some self-service refill stations can be found in outdoor locations but ours was in Walmart’s water aisle. Because this station is compatible with multiple bottle sizes, the first thing I did was set it for our 5-gallon water bottle.

Adjusting refill station for large bottles

I placed a bottle under the spout and just pushed a button. Then I watched as the bottle filled with Primo’s purified water.  

Filling bottles with Primo water

Once the bottle was full, I just popped the lid on and we were good to go. I used the lid that came with it but I also love these no-spill reusable bottle caps.

Placing lid on water bottle

Easy To Load

I’m not the best at lifting heavy objects but these bottles are super easy to load into our water dispenser! If a muscle challenged person like me can do it, anyone can!

Because our dispenser has a bottom loading design, there’s no heavy lifting and I can easily load the bottle myself without spilling a single drop. There are really only two simple steps. First, take the lid off and place the probe inside.

Placing probe in Primo refill bottle

Then slide the bottle into the dispenser.

5 Gallon Primo Water Refill

Close the door and you’re ready to roll!

Dispenses Both Hot And Cold Water

One of the reasons we chose this model was because it dispenses both hot and cold water. The cold water dispenser is the one we use most and all it takes is a press of a button to fill a glass.

Cold Water from a Primo Water Dispenser

However, the fact that it dispenses hot water too is a huge plus! My husband loves his tea but doesn’t always want to make an entire pot and this is perfect for when he just wants a single cup.

Though I’m more of a coffee drinker, I’ve found myself drinking more tea these days because having access to instant hot water makes it so convenient. It’s also perfect for hot chocolate on a chilly day!

Hot water from a Primo Water Dispenser

Luckily my girls are older but Primo has safety features in place for those with smaller children. Hot water won’t dispense unless you hold the hot water button and the dispense button simultaneously, keeping little ones safe from accidents.  

Tastes Great

Primo Water goes through five stages of purification, including reverse osmosis, to give you the best, high-quality water. This process incorporates a membrane filtration technology that allows water to flow through the filter, leaving behind salt, chemicals, mineral deposits and more.

Primo Water Filter Purification Process

Through this purification process, chlorine, chlorine byproducts, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and other contaminants are significantly reduced or removed altogether. Not only do we have high-quality water that tastes delicious but it gives us peace of mind knowing that our water has gone through this cycle.

Saves Time And Money

The average price to refill a Primo water bottle is 35¢ a gallon, though it was as low as 29¢ at the Walmart where we filled ours. That makes it a lot less expensive than buying individual water bottles. Plus, it saves time because I’m shopping less often for water and spending less time recycling. 

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Having the Primo Water Dispenser has also made my life more convenient. I can’t count how many times I’ve been packing snacks and water for a day out, only to open the fridge to find that all the bottled water has mysteriously disappeared.

Now my girls can just grab their favorite water bottles and fill them with Primo water. There’s even a drip tray to catch any spills.

Packing snacks for a beach day

We never run out of water now because as soon as I put the last refill bottle into the dispenser, I know it’s time to refill the empties. The bonus? I never have to solve the mystery of which half empty water bottle belongs to which family member.

We Drink More Water

Because the Primo water dispenser makes drinking water so easy, my family has been drinking a lot more of it. It’s so convenient because it just takes a push of a button to get a full glass of water in seconds.  

Keira grabbing water from the Primo Water Dispenser

My girls think it’s “cool” to have the dispenser, which in turn makes them want to drink more water. Primo’s motto is Drink Big, Drink Healthy and that’s exactly what they’re doing! Because drinking a lot of water is good for the brain, it makes me happy to see them choosing water over other less healthy options…it’s a win/win all around.

There are so many things to love about having a  Primo water dispenser but nothing beats having great tasting water for my family, whether it’s for on-the-go or a family dinner.

Family dinner

What do you think you’d love most about having one of these dispensers in your home? 

Check out the complete selection of Primo Water Dispensers and more!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Primo water. 

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I am having a hard time finding refills for my primo water refill in columbus ohio can you give me some direction beside groceries stores help running out.

Fantastic. Only 29 cents for refills? That is super and anything that helps people use less tiny plastic bottles is a big win in my book! This primo water dispenser looks great.

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