Soccer Valentine Box

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3 hours 30 minutes

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This Soccer Valentine Box is such a fun and creative way for your kids to collect their school valentines. The little soccer stars in your house will absolutely love it!

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A box with soccer figurines on a green field.

We love Valentine’s Day and have so much fun coming up with new Valentine Box ideas each each year! In the past, we’ve done everything from cartoon characters like this Minion Valentine Box to animal themes, like this adorable Hedgehog Valentine Box.

This year I wanted to try something a little different. My daughter loves playing soccer and I’ve also become completely obsessed with the show Welcome To Wrexham, so we went with a soccer theme for this one.

Easy to make with just a few simple craft supplies and some soccer themed cake toppers, we loved the way this soccer valentine box turned out! It’s such a fun idea and perfect for any kid who’s crazy about soccer!

A soccer themed valentine box with figurines on it.

Why We Love This Craft

Unique – The soccer-themed valentine box is one that will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Great for Soccer Fans – This is the perfect valentine gift for little ones who are crazy about soccer. It’s such a fun way to incorporate their personality into the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Inexpensive – There are only a couple of supplies you’ll need to get, and you can pick them up on Amazon for just a few dollars. (See the link in the materials list below for the soccer figurines.)

What You’ll Need

An empty box of cereal, glue, scissors and glue sticks on a table.

Craft Supplies

  • Cereal box (mine was 8″x14″)
  • Green felt (
  • Brown construction paper (12″x18″)
  • White fabric paint or puff paint
  • Soccer figurines (I found these cake toppers on Amazon)


A small box decorated like a soccer field with toy people on it.

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A soccer themed gift box with figurines on top.
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Soccer Valentine Box

Additional Time 30 minutes
Drying time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 30 minutes
This soccer valentine box is the perfect way for your little soccer fan to collect their valentine cards at school!



  • Glue the top of the cereal box shut, then use a craft knife to cut a slot in the top of the box for valentine cards. (Parents will want to do this for younger children)
    A box of multi grain cheerios next to a craft knife
  • Glue the brown construction paper around the bottom of the box. You could also use a piece of green felt if you'd prefer the entire box be green.
    A person holding a cereal box half covered in brown paper in front of a white background.
  • Take your green felt and use hot glue to add it to the top of the box.
    A person holding a piece of green felt covering half a box
  • Use your craft knife (again, parents will want to do this for smaller kids) to cut a slit in the felt over the top of the hole. Fold the ends of the felt underneath, into the hole, using hot glue to hold it in place.
    A green felt box with a hole cut in it next to a glue gun
  • Use a pencil to make a circle in the center of the box. You can trace any household object to make your circle. I used a yogurt lid but you can trace a water glass, can of soda or anything else that you have on hand.
    A person is using a pencil to draw on a green box.
  • Use a pencil to add the rest of the soccer field markings. You can set your goals on the "field" to help with placement.
    A green box with scissors and a ruler next to it.
  • Trace over the pencil with white fabric paint.
    A green tissue with a soccer field painted on it.
  • You can also add partial circles to the corners to make it look more like a soccer field.
    A green box with a soccer goal on top.
  • Finally, use hot glue to glue the goals and figurines to the felt. Let the white paint dry for several hours or overnight and then you're ready to collect some valentines!
    A small soccer field with figurines on it.


  • If your kids are too young for a hot glue gun, they can use regular white craft glue instead. It just takes longer to dry and may be more difficult to glue the ends of the felt down.
  • You can substitute green construction paper for the felt, if that’s what you happen to have on hand.
  • If you can’t find the larger piece of felt, you can use two 8×12 pieces and have them meet in the middle. The line where they meet will be covered with the white craft paint. 

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