SpongeBob Valentine Box (With Printable Template)

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This SpongeBob Valentine box is perfect for little SpongeBob fans! Crafty kids can even make it on their own with this easy, free printable template.

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The crafting spree has begun! Every year I go a little overboard with Valentine’s Day box ideas, from this unicorn valentine’s box to a Minions valentine’s box

Harry Potter fans can even make a Monster Book Of Monsters Valentine Box from Harry Potter, which may just be one of my favorite crafts ever. This year I gave a SpongeBob Valentine Box a try and love the way it turned out!

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SpongeBob Valentine Box

To make this extra easy, I made a template that you can print and trace! This makes it the perfect craft for kids of all ages.

The younger kids may want to just color the shapes on paper, then just cut and glue to the box. Our preferred way is to cut out each shape and use it as a tracer for a craft foam piece. Scroll down to use the pictures below as a guide to which color foam goes with each piece.

Just click on the templates to print.

Sponge Bob Valentine Box Printable Template 1

SpongeBob Valentine Box Template Pg. 1

Sponge Bob Valentine Box Printable Template 1

SpongeBob Valentine Box Template Pg. 2

Now, let’s get a little crafty!

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SpongeBob Valentine Box

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
This SpongeBob Valentine Box is the perfect way for little cartoon fans to collect their valentine cards at school!




  • Start by wrapping your cereal box in yellow craft foam. We used a regular sized cereal box but it you use a family sized one, you'll need more foam.
    3 sheets yellow craft foam, 12 oz regular size cereal box
    Cereal box and yellow craft foam on wooden table
  • Trace around the box to make pieces to cover the back, the two sides and the top of the box. Don't cover the front yet.
    Tracing cereal box onto craft foam
  • Glue the foam pieces to the sides and back of the box.
    Cereal box covered in yellow craft foam
  • Use a craft or X-acto knife to cut a hole in the top of the box. (Younger children will need their parents to do this part)
    Hole in top of spongebob box
  • Take your last piece of foam and use the scissors to scallop the edges. Glue that piece to the front of the box, making the bottom edge flush with the bottom of the box. The other three edges will extend slightly over the sides.
    Box covered in yellow craft foam
  • Measure about 1/3 up the side of the box and cut the yellow foam so that it’s even with the sides. Leave the top 2/3rds extending out. This will give the SpongeBob valentine box a defined head.
    Yellow craft foam coloring cereal box
  • Cut equal size strips of white and brown foam to make the shirt and the pants. Glue them on, with the white above the brown.
    1 sheet white craft foam, 1 sheet brown craft foam
    A brown and white strip glued to cereal box
  • Glue the belt pieces, then the tie. Finally, use a black marker to make the collar. You can draw it with pencil first to make sure it's even.
    SpongeBob shirt, tie and pants
  • To make the face, print and cut out the template pieces and use them to trace onto the corresponding colored craft foam. Make small black strips for the eyelashes.
    Printable template page 1, 1 sheet pink craft foam, 1 sheet light blue craft foam, 1 sheet light green craft foam, 1 sheet black craft foam, 1 sheet red craft foam, Printable template page 2
    Pieces for SpongeBob Valentine Box
  • Place all the pieces on the yellow foam without gluing, to get a feel for how they will all fit. Then you can start by gluing the mouth, the teeth and the tongue.
    Mouth and teeth made from foam craft
  • To make the eyes, glue the blue circles inside the large white ones, slightly off-center. Next, glue the black circles inside the blue ones. Glue the eyes to the yellow foam, then add the nose so that it just overlaps the bottom of the eyes .If you want it to stand out more, trace around it with black marker first. Finally, cut out strips for eyelashes and glue at the top of the eye.
    Eyes made from craft foam
  • Before adding the cheeks, use a pink marker (red works too) to outline it and draw the dots. Use black marker to make a smile line. Glue cheeks to the outer corner of the mouth.
    Cheeks for SpongeBob
  • Finally glue the green circles and ovals around the face.
    Green dots on SpongeBob


  • You won’t use the entire foam sheet for most of these shapes so if you have scraps from a previous project, you may be able to use those instead.
  • We typically don’t cover the bottom with craft foam because it can make the box a little wobbly.

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That’s it…easy, right? You now have your very own SpongeBob Valentine Box!

SpongeBob with netting and shells

Next up? Chewbacca! Since I had extra fur left over from the Monster Book Of Monsters and Chewbacca also happens to be my five year old’s favorite character, it just makes sense! 

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  1. I wanted to thank you for sharing your SpongeBob Valentines box idea and patterns. I wasn’t able to print out the template due to not having enough printer ink, so i cut everything out by sight. I think it turned out really good. Instead of making an opening in the back, I just left the top open and it worked really well.

    1. I’m so glad it worked out! I hope your little one had fun with it! 🙂

  2. Christina says:

    Can you make a scooby doo and Patrick the star Valentine’s box

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestions…those are great ones. It’s a little late for this year but I’ll add them to my idea list for next year 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    What size box did you use for the minion Valentine’s box?

    1. Most of my valentine boxes are made from 12 oz cereal boxes 🙂

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